Wordle 300: The Answer Was Shame : But I Didn’t Know It Yet And It Sure Was: A Note Found In A Cabin In The Woods

Wordle 300. If you find this letter, it means something bad has happened. I’ve probably been Wordle X’ed. I can feel it’s foreboding presence, lurking. Moving down the hall. Now, it’s at my door. I’m on my sixth guess and there are two possible ways for this to go. Shave or Shame.

As I posted my Wordle 299 post I realized that the next Wordle would be a noteworthy landmark. That’s a lot of Wordling. Sixty five days short of a year. For me it means I’ve done seventy-eight Wordles. This being the seventy-ninth. 

Adieu my Swiss Army knife of vowels gave me a yellow A and E. Stare turned them green and added an S in the same hue. I was doing pretty dang well. 

I thought Scale would be a good next guess. It wasn’t. Then there was Snake. Also, not a good guess. 

Shape was a fairly good guess. Just a little late as it was number five. That’s when I began writing this. I still have yet to Wordle X for the second time. My current streak is thirty-four my previos was forty-three. Just yesterday I was thinking of how close I was getting to surpass my previous streak. Now, I have to wonder if V has returned or if I’m just being paranoid. In all honesty, I know Wordle is just a simple little game, but this has been a bit agonizing to write. To draw out the finale. I don’t want to Wordle X. 

So, is it going to be a close Shave or a dang Shame?

I chuckled a little bit. To have Shame appear in a black box as I Wordle X’ed was humourously meta.

Wordle 265: My First Wordle X

Wordle 265 was the first time I lost. Wordle X’ed. Failed. My perfect 100% rating that I held for forty three days is gone and now relegated to the streak column. I tried to keep Wordle boxed away from real life and sacred. Now it is marred.


I was so distraught that I forgot to capture the image before refreshing the page. Which is too bad because I wanted to mark this terrible occasion. 

Also, I failed to note the words I used. Of course there was Adieu, but my second guess was really different. Then on my third guess I practically solved it with – let’s go with – Catch. Followed by Hatch, Patch, Batch never what the actual solution was, Watch.

At least I now know that Wordle reveals the answer once the puzzle is lost. Which is some sort of consolation I suppose. Can you imagine if Wordle was a roguish souls like and just didn’t tell you what the answer was? Instead letting your failure compound on top of the festering mystery.