Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig’s magnum opus, Wanderers, is not for everyone. As many other reviews point out, it’s a lengthy read. The page count is as high as many fantasy and science fiction books as well as Wanderers chief inspiration, The Stand

Wanderers hits a little close to home in 2021, even with it’s publish date in 2019. It’s as much a story about politics as it as about a pandemic. Wendig’s characters don’t stray to far from their real life inspirations. There are a lot of similarities and parallels that readers can easily extrapolate. I wouldn’t say Wendig is prophetic, just really good at seeing what so many others see, and what some clearly do not.

If you’re a a fan of Wendig, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from picking this up. Though none of the characters were quite as interesting as Miriam Black, it’s got all of the lewd grittiness of Blackbirds and nearly three times the length. In the end I’m not sure if the length helped or hindered.