Wordle 354: The Answer Was Trait

Wordle 354’s answer was Trait. An answer that I got in well under a minute. Once again, I can’t stress enough that Wordle needs a speed run mode. It would be just one more way to play the super popular word game.

With the yellow A and I from Adieu, I hit return on on Stair. What was yellow went green as T and R went yellow. 

Trait was almost a reflex. So fast was my decision, typing, and committing the guess. I could have totally made a boneheaded move, but I didn’t. Everything went green and I was done.

Wordle 268: Smelt It And Dealt It

Wordle 268 was the kind of Wordle that made me forget all about Wordle 265 and my terrible failing of that said Wordle. The kind of Wordle that made me believe in myself once more. Wordle 265? More like Whodle 265?

After Adieu gave me one yellow E, I put that puppy at the end of Store. Which kept that E yellow, but gave me a yellow T and a green S.  

Certainly not bad. I had an idea of what 50% of the word contained. Though I only knew the proper location for one of those letters. After about thirty seconds of mouthing out some next guesses I typed in Smelt

Then I went and did something else with the rest of the morning.

Seriously, Wordle needs a timed mode.

Wordle 262: Not Taking My Sweet Time

Wordle 262 continued the trend of my solving the Wordle in well under a minute. Though I did make some bone headed moves. Like using D in my second guess when I knew that it was gray. Which was ironic because I heard a radio host talking about the same issue about fifteen minutes later.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a preoccupation with Wordle using a word in the past tense. Something that I do not recall having experienced yet. I’m starting to think it does not. 

After Adieu I tried something completely different, Sowed. Once again, really interested in seeing if Wordle ever uses a word in the past tense. Also, what the heck was I thinking using W. 

I was sure it was a terrible idea. Imagine my surprise when it came up yellow. On a lark I went with Sweet. Having double letters just seemed like something that would happen. 

Then it was over and not even a minute had passed.  

Worlde 261: Hoarding The Answer

Wordle 261 was nearly just as fast as Wordle 260, just not as elegant. In all honesty, I need to stop using B over other letters like H. I’ve been using B a lot lately and it isn’t that common of a letter. 

Anyway, you know the drill!

Adieu got me two golds. Salad let me know that the D was at the end. Also, I forgot that it was a stupid choice. I knew that it would – unless there were another – only show me the position of the first A. However due to the early hour, I simply misplaced that tidbit of knowledge.

Having yet to test the waters for the viability of O. I didn’t feel great about my choice of Board. Most of that feeling was due to the B. It just isn’t in enough words. I mean, it’s in more the Z or X, but it isn’t as common as H. 

Which is what I entered instead of the B on my next guess. Ta-Da!

Wordle 260: Well, That Was Fast

Wordle 260 was over before it even really began. Once again it makes me wish that Wordle had a timed mode. There was no official clock running, but in retrospect it had to be less than thirty seconds.

Adieu was played and gave me nothing other then letting me know which vowels were not in this word. So, I played Storm and got a yellow T and a green O. 

Cloth appeared on the screen after a moments thought. It seemed like a good guess and C and L are fairly common letters. Green! Green! Green! Green! Green!

Maybe I should just start timing myself. 

Wordle 241: The Smell of Victory

Wordle 241 was a cinch. In fact, it kind of made me want Wordle to have a timed mode. From the moment the first word is entered, a stopwatch would start and continue until the puzzle is solved.

There’s already a hard mode which forces the user to use all the green and yellow letters in subsequent guesses. Which honestly sounds beneficial to some degree by reducing redundant and mistaken guesses. However, it does seem like it would have down right ruined me on Wordle 240. Sometimes in Wordle, it’s best to abandon what little is known and enter a word full of fresh letters.

So why not add a timed mode? Though I guess I could enable hard mode instead.