Off Topic: Races for 2021

I’ve entered four of five races I now plan to do in 2021. At the beginning of last week, I wasn’t planning on doing any at all. Then an email hit my inbox with a great deal. I couldn’t help myself, as I do love a good bargain. Without any hesitation I bought the three race pack. Let me tell you, I definitely feel like I’m getting my money’s worth at this point. With two fives, a ten, and a half-marathon locked in I’m gonna be a running machine before I lock myself in for the second ten.

As you’ve probably noticed the numbers four and five are greater than the three in three race pack. That’s because The Scotiabank Half-Marathon + 5K offers a threepeat package where you can do a half, a ten, and a five.  Best of all that package counted as one race from my three race package!  Worst of all one of those races is a half-marathon. Which is the half-elf of the running world. They have trouble fitting in as they’re too short for some people, too long for others, and can definitely be a bit on the ugly side.  Years ago I ran a half-marathon on my own freewill. By the end I was bleeding and unfit for public consumption.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t planning on doing any races. Typically, I prefer running when and where I want. There’s no start time, there’s no restrictive route, and best of all, no entry fee. I lace up and Ollie leashes up and we hit the road. Most of the time I have a vague notion of the direction and distance for that day’s run. Though I’ve been known to head off in the opposite direction and tack on kilometers as we go.

For these reasons I’ve only ever done one other race. Which was years ago when this pandemic seemed like a cool sci-fi story. These races are different as they will be virtual. That means I run when and where I want. While virtually racing against others. Ollie can even come along for some of them. Though he does use runs as a way to further expand his territory and doesn’t care about his finish time. 

I’m also running for two different charities, if anyone feels like donating.

Vancouver Food Runners 

Alzheimer Society of B.C.