WandaVision: When One Realizes How Important All The Other Movies Are.

I’ve watched WandaVision already. However, I did rewatch it briefly with someone who has never seen it. They’ve also not watched any of the Marvel movies or such a scant few that they don’t recall watching the movies. I guess they had something better to do.

Unlike me. Though I didn’t watch all of them with the same level of excitement that I did for the first few. After awhile, it kind of started to seem like a chore.

Though an equally large chore is having to explain WandaVision and all of it’s subtle references and all the needed context. I mean, what is anyone supposed to do with the phrase, “But wasn’t he killed by Ultron?”

That would make anyone ask questions. Each time that I thought I’d explained it, there was some other bit from some other sliver of movie that needed to be known. While WandaVision can be watched without watching the movies, it sure does help. A lot!