Wordle 244: The One Where I Enabled Hard Mode

For Wordle 244 I removed the guard rails and enabled hard mode. Which enabled a different set of guard rails. The kind that made use of the green and yellow letters in each subsequent guess. 

In a way, it’s a boon. Causing the user to focus on letters that they do know, aids the player in turning yellow letters into green.

The flip side being that now the player’s vocabulary is challenged. Especially when the first letter is unknown. There is no free associating, multiple choice style of gameplay. Words with completely different letters can’t be chosen, severely limiting the letters that will be revealed.

I enjoyed the thoughtful challenge. Most Wordles take me around three to five minutes to solve. This one played for over an hour. Sure, there were a few breaks where I did something else hoping it would jar the word loose. 

Eventually, once I realized it was time to consider a letter being used twice, I solved it. Narrowly dodging failure.

Wordle 243: Hard Mode Curious

I became curious about playing Wordle in hard mode whilst starting Wordle 243 and writing about Wordle 242. My starting word had already been entered, so it was too late to actually set Wordle to hard mode. However, it wasn’t too late for me to self-impose the rules on myself. 

My usual methods were forced to change. Though I did find an immediate benefit of focusing on the letters I had and figuring out where they went. At least for the first four guesses.

Maybe I picked the wrong day to try playing hard mode. There were more possibilities than attempts left. Heck, even for someone starting with one of these words it would have been close. The last guess was a real nail biter with V still a possibility. I was down to guessing and hoping I was lucky enough.