Wordle 336: The Answer Was Scrap

Wordle 336 continued the more guesses than I want trend, but was at least a move to trend upward from Wordle 335. I have to say that I tried my level best to not use many guesses. However after a boneheaded move, I lost my resolve and just started guessing quickly.

Before that though, I started with Adieu and then tried Roast. By the end I had A, R, and S all in yellow. I did a lot of tryping. Yet, I remained uninspired and stumped.

I went for a walk around my living room. Looked out the window. Walked back and typed in Marsh knowing full well that the S didn’t go there. That is why I hadn’t typed in Marsh before. At least the R turned green, but I’d missed a chance on the S. 

After that embarrassment, my next two guess happened quick. Spray made the S and the A join R in greensville and hinted the a P was down on the end. Which I quickly tryped and realized that only Scrap would work.

Wordle 335: The Answer Was Gamer

Wordle 335 was nearly another Wordle X thanks to word Gamer and my paranoia of semi-vowels. Which resurfaced to the nth degree after its absence was noted yesterday. 

I was immediately in a position that I didn’t care for. Adieu gave me a yellow A and a green E. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? For some reason I have a propensity of trying to put AE together first. Which is silly. 

Once that phase was out of the way, I inputed Valet. Basically giving top billing to semi-vowels. Which at least solidified the A’s location. 

Wafer seemed like another off beat choice. Perfect for a tricky Wordle.  One semi-vowel was off the list and I got a green R. Next, I fast tracked Sayer. No semi-vowels! No dice! 

After exhausting the semi-vowel options, it was time to get nerdy with the words choices. Maker seemed like it would have been a nice little shout out to the can do community of the same name. However, Wordle wasn’t into be being hip and giving nods to those plucky folks. Instead, Wordle was in the mood that can be described as “Hello fellow kids!” Gamer. 

Wordle 334: Glass Was The Answer: I Barely Saw It

Wordle 334 had me genuinely concerned for the first time in awhile. Coming off a two guesser, I was sure I couldn’t do that twice in a row. However, that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a swagger as I typed in the first couple of words.

I got a yellow A from Adieu and put that in Roast right after. Where the A turned green and brought along S as a green buddy. 

Thus began the downward spiral. Cough. My downwordle spiral. [Sunglasses]

Clash gave me a green L and wiped the confident smirk off my face. I had to be on the right track! So, I went with Flask. Nothing good came of that choice.

I had quickly chewed through a bunch of letters. After a brief moment of entertaining Blast before recognizing I couldn’t do that, I realized I hadn’t been paranoid this puzzle. I hadn’t been concerned with semi-vowels or, double letters. [Sunglasses off]

There was no other word I could think of other than Glass. It was finally over with.