I Won Camp NaNoWrimo April 2021

I participated in Camp NaNo April 2021 and won! Granted I was editing my book, so the word count bar was set below sea level. Set up for success, there was really no way for me to lose unless I just didn’t do any writing at all. Looking back I should have used hours instead of words. Either way I read my book several times and changed a lot of things. While I had fun, I missed the frenetic pace of a usual NaNo. 

There was a different feeling to this one than previous NaNo’s I’ve taken part in. Typically it’s just spewing words from my finger tips as consistently as I can. Just keep writing. Run into a section that isn’t working or causing a blockage of some sort? Move on to something else! Did I just write the same sentence twice? Did I leave out a word or obviously misspell something? I’ll fix it in post! That’s editing for another time! Just do not stop writing! Ever! Get the words out and deal with the mess later.

That’s the advice of every single author I’ve listened to on the matter. First drafts are meant to be absolutely messy and look like you don’t have a clue what is going on. So, I guess I did the first draft correctly.  

However, I think I may have to tighten that up a bit after doing some editing. Reading pages and wondering what the heck I meant wasn’t much fun. Though there is a catharsis to deleting entire swaths of text. The kind of sensation that makes one wish that getting rid of other issues in life was just as easy. 

With April and another NaNo behind me, I continue to move toward a completed manuscript. There’s still more editing to do, but I’m feeling incredibly excited about finishing it up.

Did anyone else take part in NaNoWriMo? Have you taken part in any previous one? What was your experience like?