Amazon Author Page: Chicken and Egg Experience

The setting up of my Amazon Author Page hit a snag right away. See, this is going to be my first published work through Amazon. I’m burying the lead a little their. It’s my first published work anywhere. The thing is in order to setup my account, I have to have a book listed on Amazon. However in order to be listed in the book on Amazon, I have to have a page. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It’s a bit of tricky thing. I sent a message to them four days ago. Maybe they don’t work on weekends, but it’s Amazon. That message included a choice snippet of my agreement with the publisher as that is the best I could do. Hopefully that gets resolved before April 15th

In the meantime, I’m kind of kicking myself for not having self published something sooner. There are so many projects that I have that could have been tied off and slapped into something slim and affordable. I’ve been trying to make a plan as to how to proceed.

Also, it had to be the egg right? 

Wordle 292: The Answer Was Foray

Wordle 292 stayed in that vein of challenging. Who is picking the words now is doing a fantastic job of keeping us on our toes. 

Started with Adieu because that’s what I do. Heh. Got a yellow A for that and nothing else. 

Immediately I tried my new super word for this time of W’s and V’s, Warts. This one gave me a green R

By now I’d gone through a lot of letters so moved into my second line with C and L. Which are my second choices. Also, managed to work in O. Which I was sure had to be in this word. Coral turned the A green and added a green O.

I have to admit, I was a little vexed at this point. Which is good. That means I’m having fun.Wordle isn’t being obtuse with it’s word, but it isn’t picking something plain either. I was stuck on ending the word with M or N for a bit. 

Then, through the magic of tryping. I figured that F and Y made a lot of sense. There it was, Foray.

Wordle 291: The Answer Was Comma

Okay Wordle 290 and Wordle in general. You’ve done it! You’ve injected excitement and challenge into Wordle. It’s been tricky. Less common letters have appeared a lot and have thrown me off my game. 

Adieu. I just can’t quit you. The day I do, is that day that Adieu will be the Wordle and I will kick myself. Oh, and the A was yellow.

It was also yellow in Warts. Which was my new powerhouse S, T, and R word for this era and W and V. It gave me nothing. So I moved onto O, C and L. O came back green while C was yellow. 

Unwilling to let go of the double letter thread, I tried Coach. C went green, but nothing else of note.

I was completely certain there was a double letter still. There had to be. I tryped Coqaq and Coqqa. Comma just felt right. As right as any Wordle can feel on the fifth try. Lucky for me it was. While it wasn’t my best display, I had fun. Just the right amount of time and the right amount of challenge.

Wordle 290: The Answer Was Natal or Wordle’s Revenge

Okay, Wordle 290 you went and did. You got me back for all of my sassing I did in Wordle 289. Though some of it is my fault as well. Choosing my pattern was like making a reservation for disaster. 

I started with Adieu, as usual, and got a yellow A. I almost went with Woven. Maybe I kind of wish I had. However, I would have had other issues. 

Next, Rowan which was my compromise between Stare and Woven. I really should have just kept with one of my words with S, T, and R. Stare would not have been efficient, but Roast would have been good. At least I knew where the A went and knew an N lurked in there somewhere.

Feeling completely sure that V was in there somewhere and that there had to be double A’s. I went with Naval. I was pumped as I saw the first two letters go green. Totally bummed and stunned when V went gray.

So, I tried Nasal and got a big nope. Natal worked. If I’d gone with Roast.

Another Fiver!

Wordle 289: The Answer Was Shawl: I Figured You Out Wordle!

Wordle 289. I figured you out. I should have done it sooner based on what I said in Wordle 288, but I got you sooner than you would have expected. Four out of the last six Wordles have included W or V. 

Adieu gave me a yellow A. I felt compelled to try Roast. Which turned that A green and also gave me a yellow S. 

There were a few moments where I did some tryping. Have to admit, Shall crossed my mind, but that was from last week. Then I tried slipping in W or V. Boom! There it was.

I Wrote A Short Story


I’m gonna be published! A couple of months back, I got reacquainted with horror. Which is something I’d been actively avoiding during the last couple of years. With all the craziness in the world and the pandemic. I felt like the last thing I needed was to experience some poor soul’s no good, very bad day.

However, being trapped inside can change a person’s perspective. As mentioned, I’d been listening to the Magnus Archives. The podcast’s creator, Jonathan Sims, has said he was inspired by the works of M.R. James. Which inspired me to give M.R. James a try.

Which gave me an idea for a story that I started working on immediately. Wouldn’t you know it, that story gave me another idea for a completely different tale. To skip to the end, the newer one stuck and is finished. 

In fact, it’s actually been submitted to a publisher for review for the possibility of being included in an anthology. I’m post submission and feel weird. Not nervous. More like an excited calm. For some reason I really think I have a good chance of getting in.

I’m Gonna Be Published!

I’m gonna be published! Just got the confirmation email on Monday with all of the paperwork. What’s coincidentally weird is that on Sunday night I was thinking that I should have heard back. The publisher had given me the all clear to check in after month, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Maybe I just didn’t want bad news. 

Lo and behold the very next morning as a check my email I immediately recognize the name on the email. I was so excited I could barely read the email. Nervous? No, excited. There was near immediate recognition that the email was positive and the news was good.

I’m thrilled that I’m actually getting a work published. Selected by someone else to be published. It’s an amazing feeling. The realization that I’m not officially a published author. That’s amazing.

Then the nerves set in because I realized that people are going to read this. Oh the nerves!

Wordle 288: The Answer Was Fewer: Which Meant More Guesses

Wordle 288. Seriously, I have to ask what the deal is with using letters from the last five letters of the alphabet? This entire week has been fraught with alternating W’s, V’s, and Y’s. Sometimes more than one is in the same Wordle. Sometimes it’s only one. They could appear back to back or take a break. Goodness! The thing is, I still haven’t realized that I need to work them into my guesses sooner. That changes tomorrow. 


Adieu and Often – quite the change up I know – gave me a green E and a yellow F. Refer kept that F yellow and added another green E and an R. 

Now that I knew where the F went, there was only one more letter to figure out. The third one. Fever. It was obvious. I didn’t even think twice before hitting return. Oh, lo and behold that V was gray. 

Because of course! Fewer. With a double you. Amazing. Argh!

Wordle 287: The Answer Was Trope: How Meta!

Wordle 287 was written live. Real time! Not fixed up in post or edited. Here we go!

Just hit cmd+R to refresh my page and get rid of Wordle 286. That’s right, I’m a Mac person!

Adieu as usual and it gives me a yellow E. Okay, not the best, but a good candidate to slap on the end of Store.

Store. Hot dog! I was right about the E. It’s green now as is the O. While T and R are in yellow. Things are going well. Keep it together don’t get cocky.

With tryping, I slap in Qrote which will address the yellow letters. At least one of them will go green. Given this weeks Wordles, I’m pretty sure there is a W kicking around. 

Wrote is what I go with and it is wrong. Dang! I was sure I had it. What I do have is a green R. The new possible solution hits me while I’m not even there in my chronicling. 

I know T is the first letter now. Which at first glance gives me Trove or Trope. Since Wordle has been on tear this week with W, Y, and V this week, I instantly assume it’s Trove. 

This is the aspect of Wordle that I do not enjoy. It’s luck more than anything else. I go with Trove. Which means I’ve fallen for a Trope. There is no W, Y, or V. Wordle went meta. Established a Trope this week and made me fall for it. Then it went in the other direction. 

Blast you Wordle! Another fiver!

Wordle 286: The Answer Was Snout

Wordle 286 wasn’t too bad considering the slump I’ve been in. So many five and six guessers lately. I’m pretty sure I did somewhat okay on Wordle 285, but cannot be certain. In that regard, Wordle 286 was my first good Wordle in awhile.

Adieu gave me a yellow U. Rusty kept it that way but added a yellow S and T. It also confirmed that there was no Y

Which is something that has happened three times in recent memory. Two times is enough. The third time was me guessing Lowly in three to four. 

Strum turned the S and U green and did nothing else. So, I had me a bit of think. Went and did something else for a bit. A thing called work. When I returned I’d figured it out. I knew there was an O lurking in there since my second guess, I just hadn’t put in there yet!

Wordle 283: The Answer Shall Leave Me Reeling

Wordle 283 continued the trilogy of results of the not optimal nor desired variety. What I mean by that is four or more. 

Adieu gave me nada. Goats also gave me a yellow S. It’s only now that I realize my mistake of using a gray letter. Oh well. It’s in the past!

I was concerned about the lack of vowels. Especially after Wordle 282’s Wordle of Nymph. To that end I went with Scary as my next choice. S and A both went green and I knew there was no Y.

At this point I pretty much assumed it was a one vowel word. There was no C. So what was the next common letter to appear between S and A? I thought out words like Skate and Scale, but knew they had gray letters. 

I didn’t like using double LL’s. However, I fell pretty confident that it was Shall and it turns out that I was correct.

Wordle 284: My Answer Was Stove

Wordle 284 nearly burned me. Which is ironic because the answer was Stove.

Getting an E from Adieu was more than I expected. The last week has not been kind to favored starting word. 

Store has been in the stable of second words for quite some time. I was super pumped as everything started going green.

Except the R.

And the N in Stone

And the K in Stoke

And the L in Stole

So, I was down to my last guess and I had several choices. Stove, Stowe,  and Stope were the possibilities of which I knew. I just hoped that Wordle stayed true to its basic roots and didn’t go for the less common more fancy pants words. Stove it was. Thankfully.

Wordle 282: The Answer Was Found

Wordle 282 was another N-Gram. A collection of letters that appear together. Which can be absolutely detrimental in Wordle if not discovered soon enough. There’s been a lot lately and I Wordle X’ed on one of the.

Adieu gave me a yellow U and D. So, I thought Cloud would be a decent next guess. It was. D went green while O and U went yellow.

Bound was the next guess. I don’t know why I went with it. It’s never B. When was a B even in a Wordle? I should look that up. 

At least all I had to do was figure out the first letter. Unfortunately, I realized quickly that I was in trouble. Sound? Wrong.

The next two guesses were it. It could be Found, Pound, or to go off in a different phonic direction,  Wound.

I just started typing. It was down to luck. Luckily I was lucky and picked Found first.

Wordle 281: The Answer Was Nymph

Wordle 281 was a unique one. A Wordle with a great amount of difficulty and no vowels. Well, not the typical whole vowels. There was one semi-vowel kicking around in that there Wordle. That also means that for a moment I tried to think of a word that was all consonants.

Adieu and Ghost were my first two guesses and they may as well have been my first. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Only a wide eyed bad feeling.

Lynch was my second guess. It’s been in the news. I was certain it wasn’t the result, but I needed more letters. I got three! Y and H went green. N went yellow. 

After a few seconds, Nymph came to mind. Four guesses, not too bad. 

Wordle 280: The Answer Was Epoxy

Either Wordle 280 was stupid or I was stupid. One of us was the stupid. (Yes, I meant to type it that way!)

After Adieu and Store, I had one green O and one yellow E. 

Peony was my next guess. Which was pretty dang solid. P and E were yellow while O and Y were green. This thing was practically solved. 

Until it wasn’t.

I knew the Wordle started with E. For some reason I became far to invested in the P going between the O and Y. I was sure there was some word I didn’t know. To the point that I just started typing in the letter and hitting enter. Ecopy, Emopy, and a plethora of words that I struggle with autocorrect to chronicle here.

Once I realized that it was Epoxy, I felt embarrassed. At one point in Wordle 279 I was sure there was an X in the solution. Here it hadn’t even crossed my mind. 

Wordle 279: The Answer Was Depot And I Need Detox

Wordle 279 started out promising, but quickly made me lose interest. The day was just off schedule and super busy so I played Wordle out of duty, not for fun.

After getting a yellow D and E from Adieu, I made the boneheaded move of Coded. Both stayed yellow, especially the E because it was in the exact same spot. What a dummy! Though I did get an additional O

Trode gave me the addition of a yellow T while keeping all previous yellow letters yellow. Yay!

I flipped the script and went with Detox. Which I figured was not the answer. An X, really? I was right, but pretty much everything went green except for the T and the X. Obviously.

All I had to do was figure out what the middle letter was and it was pretty dang apparent. I mean, there wasn’t even another choice was there? Depot. Certainly not my finest showing, but I was fine with it.

Wordle 278: The Answer Was Chest: An Empty Chest of Beige

Wordle 278 started out with me be unreasonably pumped for some reason. I mean I like Wordle, but not that much. There was an excitement as I typed in Adieu and got a yellow E. I have no idea why I was stoked to play.

Store kept that E yellow and gave me S and T in the same hue. After giving it a think and knowing that it couldn’t be Reset as there was no R, I went with Beset. Double letters are back on the menu after Slosh. Well, at least the T went green.

I had another good think. Just me and my laptop. Chest seemed like a good choice and it was. I wasn’t underwhelmed, I was simply whelmed.  

Wordle 276: Slosh Was The Sloshing Answer!

Wordle 276 was stupid. Actually it the answer was Slosh, but the Wordle as a whole was stupid. Really stupid.

I struck out on Adieu. Went with Stork on my second guess and got a green S and O. Pretty dang good I thought. 

I was busy with work so I went away for awhile. When I came back I tried Scold and was awarded a yellow L. Things were decent. 

Spool was my next guess after another stint of work. There was no progress made. 

Thoroughly stumped I carried on with my workday. In all honesty, I was in full panic mode. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to Wordle X. 

I chatted with a friend and fellow Wordle player over Slack. Confiding that I had no idea and that the Wordle was stupid. Then it me in my soft squishy sloshy brain. Slosh!


Wordle 277: The Answer Was Purged

Wordle 277 was just what I need after the abysmal Wordle 276. This has to be the first time in Wordle recollecting that an N-Gram wasn’t a panic inducing Wordle Xing ender.

Adieu gave me an E and U of the yellow variety. I had a think before settling on Urgesfor my second guess. Which I didn’t feel too great about as I hit return. At the very least I would have a better idea of where the yellow letters went.

Instead I had Urge spelled out in yellow. Only the S was gray. 

With no S, it was pretty obvious that the Wordle was Purge. Thanks N-Grams!

Wordle 275: The Answer Was Right Their

Wordle 275 wasn’t very exciting. Just look at the title! I had to misuse Their instead There. That’s liable to make some word police types quite angry. Myself included. 

Adieu was pleasant enough giving me a yellow I and E.

I figured Field was a decent enough guess. Filled with fairly common letters. Not to mention that it was going to help me figure out where the I (yellow) and the E (green) went. 

So, was I dealing with a word that began with a C? Maybe. Though I couldn’t come up with anything that worked. After a minute or so of tryping, I figured out what it had to be. 

All went green on Their.

Wordle 274: The Answer Renewed My Interest

Wordle 274 began in a spartan with Adieu only giving me a green E. My second guess, Other, kept it that way. 

Well, heck. This isn’t a good place to be when one is trying to fix the gap between results of their three and four guesses. Which is something I’ve been trying to do. Three is for me! 

I almost made the boneheaded move of putting D at the end of the word. Even though I knew dang good and well it wasn’t there. I caught myself and, through tryping, came up with a new guess. Even though I wasn’t super happy with it. Resew didn’t feel on brand for Wordle. 

It wasn’t, but everything went green except the S. I stared at my options for far too long. Inventing new words. Questioning if someone at the times forgot how to spell Review. Then, I saw that gorgeous N. Which should have totally gave me the answer I needed. 


Wordle 273: The Answer Allowed For Double Letters A-Go-Go

I don’t know what it was about Wordle 273. Shortly after playing Adieu and getting a green A, I felt a calling of two letters lurking in the Wordle. Though I did not know what they were. 

Abbot added a green O to the mix. Which were the double B’s really where I should have started? Probably not, but it’s Wordle, so almost any guess is as good as the next. 

There’s been a lot of W love lately. For that reason alone I punched in Arrow and hit enter. Everything went green except the R’s. Making me reasonably certain that I knew what the answer was. 

Without a second thought I punched in LL and hit enter. Done.

Wordle 272: The Answer Was Sauted And Haute

Wordle 272 was my chance at stopping the new trend of five and six guesses. Which aren’t bad, but a little too close to Wordle X’ing for comfort. I’d really like my three guess results to surpass my four guesses. Which isn’t too far off.

Adieu let me know that A, E, and U were in the puzzle and that they were not in the proper locations. 

Haute came to mind fairly quickly. While it mostly seemed on brand, it also felt like a non-obvious choice. Therefore, probably not the answer. I couldn’t be bothered to find a better solution I wanted to know if I was barking up the right tree. 

I was.

All the letter, but H went green. The obvious choice was Saute. Which I can’t help but kick myself over as I typically prioritize the guessing of S over H

I now realize that I could have had my first two guess. 


Wordle 271: I Really Wasn’t Into It

Wordle 271 came on a day that I was busy. I started work immediately after waking up and didn’t play Wordle until later in the day. When I was listening to the news. My attention was split. I really wasn’t into it.

Adieu gave me a yellow I and E. So I tried Isles. Really? That was a terrible guess and didn’t try to find a the spot for E. 

Rifle was my next guess. The I remained yellow while the E went green. Though I used L again which I already knew wasn’t good. 

I was not doing well. So I typed in, Ollie, my dog’s name. At least the I went green, not that process of elimination hadn’t told me that already. I also got a yellow O!

Bowie counts as a word, eh? I was a bit surprised by this. Also, Wordle was in love with W last week and now, nothing.

I have to admit, I was panicking by this point and it was all my doing. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t thinking. 

Thank goodness Movie worked out.

Wordle 270: Catering To The N-Gram Crowd

Wordle 270. Wordle 270! Oh ho ho, Wordle 270. I see you. I wag my finger at thee. You started out the easily enough, but the you went full jerk mode.

Adieu proved a yellow A and a green E. With last weeks love of the letter W in mind, I entered Water. Everything went green except the W. Which remained gray. 

Well, not a big deal. Surely it’s Later! No.

Hater? I stupidly entered as if The Times would choose a fun word such as Hater. Even though I certainly was one by that point in time. 

I also realized I was in the midst of another n-gram. Which can be a lot of things. In this case, it was a series of letters that appear together. This could end up like Wordle 265 all over again. Luckily, I had wound up at this point much sooner than I had on my first Wordle X. 

I had too guesses left and if I thought the phonetically similar Gator one more time would scream. I scoured available options and saw that C. Then proceeded to feel slightly underwhelmed by the result.

Wordle 269: Don’t Tease About The Boneheaded Guess

Wordle 269 made me reassess the amount of gloating I did over solving Wordle 268 in about a minute. In fact, even with slowing down and taking a bit more time. I still made a boneheaded move. 

Adieu gave me a yellow A and E. I went with Stare which greened those yellow letters while adding yellow S and T. Two guesses and I practically had this thing solved!

…Or did I?

Maybe it’s the time change. It’s certainly because I still wasn’t fully awake. I didn’t immediately see the solution. For the first time in days the concept of double letters lurking in the puzzle, didn’t even cross my mind. 

As I returned with a fresh cup of coffee I entered Slate. Which was the boneheaded move. I already knew that S didn’t belong at the beginning of this thing. Yet, I’d gone and done it. 

I felt like a fool. At least I knew that I only needed to guess the second letter. I was pretty sure that a Wordle beginning with TS was right out. An O didn’t seem right for the second letter. Nor didn’t any consonants. 

Then E hit me. As it should have all along. So simple. Why did I not suspect double letters. Please do not Tease me.

Wordle 268: Smelt It And Dealt It

Wordle 268 was the kind of Wordle that made me forget all about Wordle 265 and my terrible failing of that said Wordle. The kind of Wordle that made me believe in myself once more. Wordle 265? More like Whodle 265?

After Adieu gave me one yellow E, I put that puppy at the end of Store. Which kept that E yellow, but gave me a yellow T and a green S.  

Certainly not bad. I had an idea of what 50% of the word contained. Though I only knew the proper location for one of those letters. After about thirty seconds of mouthing out some next guesses I typed in Smelt

Then I went and did something else with the rest of the morning.

Seriously, Wordle needs a timed mode.

Wordle 267: Remaining Focused Is Bogus

Wordle 267 began with a bit of trepidation on my part. After all, I’m still a bit shaken after my loss the on Wordle 265. I have every right to be. 

Adieu gave me a yellow U. As did Hours. However, I did get a green O which was good. After that, I did some tryping and came up with Bogus and Focus as potential next guesses. Since Wordle has been in a bit of a beige phase lately, I figured the Wordle wouldn’t be Bogus, but Focus instead and went with that.

I mean, all the tiles going green is great and all. However, I was a little let down that the solution wasn’t Bogus. Maybe I should go watch one of the Bill & Ted movies to make myself feel better. 

Wordle 266: Today Is The First Day After Wordle X’ing

Wordle 266 was my first Wordle after Wordle X’ing on Wordle 265. I could have used the loss as a natural ending to playing Wordle. Close the book and the tab forever. Yet, I enjoy playing Wordle too much to let one little loss bring me down. 

I brushed the metaphorical dust from my shoulders and typed in Adieu. Which gave me a yellow A and a yellow D in return.

Then I typed in Salad because I really can’t get over the double letters streak I’m on. Even on Wordle 265 I did it, though I can’t recall the word. 

Not wanting to go down the same road I went the previous I slowed down just a touch. Did a bit of tryping. I gave Today a shot as it was a great way to figure out what other vowels were lurking. Not only did I find out, I was rewarded with all greens.