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Nanowrimo 2021

Nanowrimo 2021 starts tomorrow. As of this writing, a whole bunch of word-psychos are stocking up on coffee and snacks, writing notes in regards to where they are leaving off in life, kissing their loved ones good-bye, and are about to declare war on writing apps. Sounds normal. I’m sitting here writing this on October […]

Ring Shout or The Hunting of Ku Kluxes In The End Times

Ring Shout continually slid along the scale between like and love. The premise is great! Evil hateful monsters in the guise of humans called, Ku Kluxes, enrapture other humans with their hateful machinations. African-American resistant fighters hunt them down and kill them.  It’s fictionalized history and revisionist Lovecraft put together. Taking place in 1922, the […]

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