Wordle 275: The Answer Was Right Their

Wordle 275 wasn’t very exciting. Just look at the title! I had to misuse Their instead There. That’s liable to make some word police types quite angry. Myself included. 

Adieu was pleasant enough giving me a yellow I and E.

I figured Field was a decent enough guess. Filled with fairly common letters. Not to mention that it was going to help me figure out where the I (yellow) and the E (green) went. 

So, was I dealing with a word that began with a C? Maybe. Though I couldn’t come up with anything that worked. After a minute or so of tryping, I figured out what it had to be. 

All went green on Their.

Wordle 274: The Answer Renewed My Interest

Wordle 274 began in a spartan with Adieu only giving me a green E. My second guess, Other, kept it that way. 

Well, heck. This isn’t a good place to be when one is trying to fix the gap between results of their three and four guesses. Which is something I’ve been trying to do. Three is for me! 

I almost made the boneheaded move of putting D at the end of the word. Even though I knew dang good and well it wasn’t there. I caught myself and, through tryping, came up with a new guess. Even though I wasn’t super happy with it. Resew didn’t feel on brand for Wordle. 

It wasn’t, but everything went green except the S. I stared at my options for far too long. Inventing new words. Questioning if someone at the times forgot how to spell Review. Then, I saw that gorgeous N. Which should have totally gave me the answer I needed. 


Wordle 273: The Answer Allowed For Double Letters A-Go-Go

I don’t know what it was about Wordle 273. Shortly after playing Adieu and getting a green A, I felt a calling of two letters lurking in the Wordle. Though I did not know what they were. 

Abbot added a green O to the mix. Which were the double B’s really where I should have started? Probably not, but it’s Wordle, so almost any guess is as good as the next. 

There’s been a lot of W love lately. For that reason alone I punched in Arrow and hit enter. Everything went green except the R’s. Making me reasonably certain that I knew what the answer was. 

Without a second thought I punched in LL and hit enter. Done.

Wordle 272: The Answer Was Sauted And Haute

Wordle 272 was my chance at stopping the new trend of five and six guesses. Which aren’t bad, but a little too close to Wordle X’ing for comfort. I’d really like my three guess results to surpass my four guesses. Which isn’t too far off.

Adieu let me know that A, E, and U were in the puzzle and that they were not in the proper locations. 

Haute came to mind fairly quickly. While it mostly seemed on brand, it also felt like a non-obvious choice. Therefore, probably not the answer. I couldn’t be bothered to find a better solution I wanted to know if I was barking up the right tree. 

I was.

All the letter, but H went green. The obvious choice was Saute. Which I can’t help but kick myself over as I typically prioritize the guessing of S over H

I now realize that I could have had my first two guess. 


Wordle 271: I Really Wasn’t Into It

Wordle 271 came on a day that I was busy. I started work immediately after waking up and didn’t play Wordle until later in the day. When I was listening to the news. My attention was split. I really wasn’t into it.

Adieu gave me a yellow I and E. So I tried Isles. Really? That was a terrible guess and didn’t try to find a the spot for E. 

Rifle was my next guess. The I remained yellow while the E went green. Though I used L again which I already knew wasn’t good. 

I was not doing well. So I typed in, Ollie, my dog’s name. At least the I went green, not that process of elimination hadn’t told me that already. I also got a yellow O!

Bowie counts as a word, eh? I was a bit surprised by this. Also, Wordle was in love with W last week and now, nothing.

I have to admit, I was panicking by this point and it was all my doing. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t thinking. 

Thank goodness Movie worked out.

Wordle 270: Catering To The N-Gram Crowd

Wordle 270. Wordle 270! Oh ho ho, Wordle 270. I see you. I wag my finger at thee. You started out the easily enough, but the you went full jerk mode.

Adieu proved a yellow A and a green E. With last weeks love of the letter W in mind, I entered Water. Everything went green except the W. Which remained gray. 

Well, not a big deal. Surely it’s Later! No.

Hater? I stupidly entered as if The Times would choose a fun word such as Hater. Even though I certainly was one by that point in time. 

I also realized I was in the midst of another n-gram. Which can be a lot of things. In this case, it was a series of letters that appear together. This could end up like Wordle 265 all over again. Luckily, I had wound up at this point much sooner than I had on my first Wordle X. 

I had too guesses left and if I thought the phonetically similar Gator one more time would scream. I scoured available options and saw that C. Then proceeded to feel slightly underwhelmed by the result.

Wordle 269: Don’t Tease About The Boneheaded Guess

Wordle 269 made me reassess the amount of gloating I did over solving Wordle 268 in about a minute. In fact, even with slowing down and taking a bit more time. I still made a boneheaded move. 

Adieu gave me a yellow A and E. I went with Stare which greened those yellow letters while adding yellow S and T. Two guesses and I practically had this thing solved!

…Or did I?

Maybe it’s the time change. It’s certainly because I still wasn’t fully awake. I didn’t immediately see the solution. For the first time in days the concept of double letters lurking in the puzzle, didn’t even cross my mind. 

As I returned with a fresh cup of coffee I entered Slate. Which was the boneheaded move. I already knew that S didn’t belong at the beginning of this thing. Yet, I’d gone and done it. 

I felt like a fool. At least I knew that I only needed to guess the second letter. I was pretty sure that a Wordle beginning with TS was right out. An O didn’t seem right for the second letter. Nor didn’t any consonants. 

Then E hit me. As it should have all along. So simple. Why did I not suspect double letters. Please do not Tease me.

Wordle 268: Smelt It And Dealt It

Wordle 268 was the kind of Wordle that made me forget all about Wordle 265 and my terrible failing of that said Wordle. The kind of Wordle that made me believe in myself once more. Wordle 265? More like Whodle 265?

After Adieu gave me one yellow E, I put that puppy at the end of Store. Which kept that E yellow, but gave me a yellow T and a green S.  

Certainly not bad. I had an idea of what 50% of the word contained. Though I only knew the proper location for one of those letters. After about thirty seconds of mouthing out some next guesses I typed in Smelt

Then I went and did something else with the rest of the morning.

Seriously, Wordle needs a timed mode.

Wordle 267: Remaining Focused Is Bogus

Wordle 267 began with a bit of trepidation on my part. After all, I’m still a bit shaken after my loss the on Wordle 265. I have every right to be. 

Adieu gave me a yellow U. As did Hours. However, I did get a green O which was good. After that, I did some tryping and came up with Bogus and Focus as potential next guesses. Since Wordle has been in a bit of a beige phase lately, I figured the Wordle wouldn’t be Bogus, but Focus instead and went with that.

I mean, all the tiles going green is great and all. However, I was a little let down that the solution wasn’t Bogus. Maybe I should go watch one of the Bill & Ted movies to make myself feel better. 

Wordle 266: Today Is The First Day After Wordle X’ing

Wordle 266 was my first Wordle after Wordle X’ing on Wordle 265. I could have used the loss as a natural ending to playing Wordle. Close the book and the tab forever. Yet, I enjoy playing Wordle too much to let one little loss bring me down. 

I brushed the metaphorical dust from my shoulders and typed in Adieu. Which gave me a yellow A and a yellow D in return.

Then I typed in Salad because I really can’t get over the double letters streak I’m on. Even on Wordle 265 I did it, though I can’t recall the word. 

Not wanting to go down the same road I went the previous I slowed down just a touch. Did a bit of tryping. I gave Today a shot as it was a great way to figure out what other vowels were lurking. Not only did I find out, I was rewarded with all greens.  

Wordle 265: My First Wordle X

Wordle 265 was the first time I lost. Wordle X’ed. Failed. My perfect 100% rating that I held for forty three days is gone and now relegated to the streak column. I tried to keep Wordle boxed away from real life and sacred. Now it is marred.


I was so distraught that I forgot to capture the image before refreshing the page. Which is too bad because I wanted to mark this terrible occasion. 

Also, I failed to note the words I used. Of course there was Adieu, but my second guess was really different. Then on my third guess I practically solved it with – let’s go with – Catch. Followed by Hatch, Patch, Batch never what the actual solution was, Watch.

At least I now know that Wordle reveals the answer once the puzzle is lost. Which is some sort of consolation I suppose. Can you imagine if Wordle was a roguish souls like and just didn’t tell you what the answer was? Instead letting your failure compound on top of the festering mystery.

Wordle 264: I’ve Let My Billiard License Lapse

Wordle 264 was kind of a cross roads for the ways the last few puzzles have gone. I solved it quickly, but needed that fourth guess. 

Stare my second choice and it turned my yellow A and E green while giving me a yellow S. 

My next guess was a surprise to me. I typed in Masse for the purpose of visualizing a word. Though I was in the room alone, I remember looking over my shoulder before I hit enter. Instead of having the boxes shake back and forth because Masse isn’t a real word, the tiles started flipping.

I immediately punched it into google. Apparently, I’m not a billiards guy. Which is something that I didn’t need Wordle to inform me. Also, apparently Wordle will take French words. Though Masse is a French word that has been adopted into English. 

I really need to get off the double letter train. Double letters do not happen nearly as often as I’m trying them these days. Lapse came to me quickly after and that was that.

Wordle 263: Whoa Slow Down

Wordle 263 told me to shut up and take my time playing Wordle. For the first time in a bit Wordle took me more than a minute to complete. This was closer to about five to ten minutes!

Adieu gave me nothing. Storm  gave T, O, and M. All yellow. 

Influenced by Sweet from Wordle 262, I felt that there could be some double letters hanging out. For that reason I went with Motto. Which gave me M and O in a hue of green. Everything else was yellow and gray. At that point I knew there were not any double letters. Well, unless M was a double letter. Which I mouthed out a few times before accepting the situation and moving on.

After a moment of hopelessness, believing it was some word that I was too stupid to know, I figured out what it was. Month. Anticlimactic.

Wordle 262: Not Taking My Sweet Time

Wordle 262 continued the trend of my solving the Wordle in well under a minute. Though I did make some bone headed moves. Like using D in my second guess when I knew that it was gray. Which was ironic because I heard a radio host talking about the same issue about fifteen minutes later.

I have to admit, I have a bit of a preoccupation with Wordle using a word in the past tense. Something that I do not recall having experienced yet. I’m starting to think it does not. 

After Adieu I tried something completely different, Sowed. Once again, really interested in seeing if Wordle ever uses a word in the past tense. Also, what the heck was I thinking using W. 

I was sure it was a terrible idea. Imagine my surprise when it came up yellow. On a lark I went with Sweet. Having double letters just seemed like something that would happen. 

Then it was over and not even a minute had passed.  

Worlde 261: Hoarding The Answer

Wordle 261 was nearly just as fast as Wordle 260, just not as elegant. In all honesty, I need to stop using B over other letters like H. I’ve been using B a lot lately and it isn’t that common of a letter. 

Anyway, you know the drill!

Adieu got me two golds. Salad let me know that the D was at the end. Also, I forgot that it was a stupid choice. I knew that it would – unless there were another – only show me the position of the first A. However due to the early hour, I simply misplaced that tidbit of knowledge.

Having yet to test the waters for the viability of O. I didn’t feel great about my choice of Board. Most of that feeling was due to the B. It just isn’t in enough words. I mean, it’s in more the Z or X, but it isn’t as common as H. 

Which is what I entered instead of the B on my next guess. Ta-Da!

Wordle 260: Well, That Was Fast

Wordle 260 was over before it even really began. Once again it makes me wish that Wordle had a timed mode. There was no official clock running, but in retrospect it had to be less than thirty seconds.

Adieu was played and gave me nothing other then letting me know which vowels were not in this word. So, I played Storm and got a yellow T and a green O. 

Cloth appeared on the screen after a moments thought. It seemed like a good guess and C and L are fairly common letters. Green! Green! Green! Green! Green!

Maybe I should just start timing myself. 

Wordle 259: A Quick Brining

Wordle 259, while not an example of efficiency, was solve really quick. Adieu gave me a green I and a yellow E. 

I like to try to incorporate S into my second guess when possible. Let me tell you, the Wordle was not Slime. I feel like it will never be Slime. That doesn’t seem like something that would happen on The Time’s watch. At least I was certain that E was on the end.

Rhine was my next guess and set me up for success. I now knew that I, N, and E were in the proper locations. R was in the word and there was only one other place for it to go.

Unless it the Wordle was some obtuse word that I didn’t know, it had to be Brine. 

And it was good!

Wordle 258: Not Getting Ahead of Myself

Wordle 258 began like all the rest. Adieu which gave me an A of the green variety. As well as D and E in yellow. The feeling of progress would soon come to a grinding halt.

Abode same deal different places. Man I really wanted the Wordle to be Abode. I was bummed that it wasn’t. 

In a fit of mania I entered Acred. Which I was sure couldn’t be the word. There are some out there that believe Wordle has gotten more difficult since The Times bought it. I don’t think the difficulty has been ramped up. Sure Shake, Shave, Shape, or whatever was tricky and Tacit was a bit obtuse. For the most part I find it challengingly reasonable. Yet, I knew that Acred could not be the solution. It  just doesn’t feel like a Wordle.

Like with every Wordle that enters into fourth guess territory, I dropped it into low gear and began the climb into my share of the lexicon. I knew it ended with a D, but not ED. Pretty sure that Wordle is never in the past tense. 

There were no more vowels to be had and there wasn’t a consonant mosh pit happening at the end. That’s when it hit me. Clearly I knew the Wordle was Ahead.

Wordle 257: Early Morning Mourning

Wordle 256 had me mourning my choice to continue to play Wordle. Have to admit, my daily habit for more than the last month, sometimes feels like a chore. Especially when I don’t get any greens in my first two guesses. 

Struck was played after Adieu. Then I played Crumb. Perhaps that choice was slightly flippant, but I usually find my first three guesses are quite fast. No more than a few minutes. 

By the time I hit my fourth guess, I wasn’t in the mood for using a fight guess. I slowed way down and had a good think.

Wordle 256: Nasty, Nasty Wordle

Wordle 256 was a nasty little bugger. Stark followed Adieu and I had more than half the letters, but no idea where they went. 

Perhaps I could have done better than Baths. Though know if the S belonged on the end and if there was an H before it seemed like a great question.

Then I tried Tasty. Even as I hit enter, I knew I was making some kind of mistake. It didn’t seem like a Wordle solution. Though it would definitely let me know where the T ultimately belonged. 

On my fifth guess, I solved this Nasty Wordle.

Wordle 255: The One Where Wordle Gets Current And Political?

Wordle 255 was a bit of a stinker. My starting word of Adieu put me in a tough spot where I knew there was a U and that E was the second to last letter. 

I tried Fumes followed by Tuner. Other than the R I didn’t get anything. Well, except for a severe feeling of early on set defeat. No R or S at the end? I entered Rubel. How could I not? It fit and the word has been in our active lexicon a lot lately. 

At least I knew that R was the first letter. However, I was now truly stumped. A few minutes passed before – sticking with the currency theme – I entered Rupee. 

Well, I was correct and felt a sense of relief. Five guesses is a bit much. 

After Wordle had concluded for the day, I felt compelled to google rubel and rupee. I was loathe to feel that sense of relief disappear. Apparently, there is renewed talks around a rubel rupee trade agreement. Which would allow Russia to get around some of the sanctions imposed on the rubel. 

Wordle 254: Phoned It In, But Didn’t Choke

Wordle 254 resulted in another four guess having to be used. Four guesses happens to be my most common result. Followed by five and then three. Six is way back there, but so are one and two. Seriously though, what’s the fun in one? Nothing.

I’ve been getting reminded lately of how much luck is involved with Wordle. So many times, it’s down to a random choice from the user which word they choose to input next. 

Oh sure, you could lie to yourself and think you can guess the likelihood of Phone being used over Choke. Wordle uses common and somewhat uncommon words – I’m looking at you Tacit -. There’s really no way to go, other than guess. 

Wordle 251: Livid At How Vividly Tricky It Was

Wordle 251 was a stinker. I believe I got it on my fifth guess. In the time that I didn’t capture the results, there were computer issues. The final result is lost to time.

Also lost to time, is the time I spent walking around mumbling words. While I was getting more coffee. Between mouthfuls of cereal. When I was out walking the dogs.  

I came at the solution from every which way. Even trying to hammer Y in there. The Livid struck. Boy, was I livid after hitting enter. What word could it be if not livid?

I’m not proud of the trying that took place after. I’d exhausted all remaining letters except for Z, X, and – there it was – V. 

Wordle 250: End of The Streak

Wordle 250 is where “The Solve the Wordle Three Guesses” streak ended. The old familiar feel of impending failure settled over me as I hit enter on my fifth guess. What a rush!

As usual I started with Adieu. It hasn’t failed me yet. Mostly because it’s fail proof. Gray vowels are as important as green and yellow.

With hard mode enabled, my second guess varies a bit. I’ve been playing Store and Stork a lot recently. Which one being determined by the results of Adieu. 

I thought the third guess was the perfect chance to play Gnome. Followed by the fourth guess of Clove. No, I wasn’t really feeling the V, but I figured C and L had to be in the word. I wasn’t fully correct. 

I did end up solving it in a matter of minutes. No walking off and pacing around. Trying to clear my head by doing other things. Attempting to conjure the Wordle from out of thin air. For the most part, I find hard mode to make Wordle a bit more enjoyable. Reducing the chaos around guesses and focusing on my vocabulary. Though a lot of the time, there is luck involved.

Wordle 249: I’m On A Streak

Wordle 249 I was particularly proud of, especially after seeing it trend on Twitter at the number of people that had X’ed out. If that is the proper terminology.

When I solved it in a matter of minutes – hard mode still engaged – I hadn’t thought much of it. It was over before it really started. I felt a little sad. Quick solves are a rush, but much of the fun is removed. 

The real fun comes from the challenge and running through dwindling chances. Someday I’m sure I will look back on this Trove of easy wins. 

Wordle 247: The Night Otter

Wordle 247 was put in the corner like its name wasn’t baby. I was still on vacation, had other things I wanted to do, and was tired of having Wordle rule a portion of my day. With that, I put it off until after we’d gotten home and settled back in. 

Briskly, before watching the new Hilda movie, I bang out this puzzle in a matter of minutes. Disabling hard mode, but keeping myself beholden to the rules of hard mode. 

In less than three minutes I’d discovered that it was Other, not Otter.

Wordle 245 + 246: I Was On Vacation

For Wordle 245 and Wordle 246, I found myself in a hotel room. Hungry for breakfast and slightly pressed for time, I wanted to polish off these Wordles as soon as I could. With hard mode still enabled and much trepidation, I entered my first word. 

Honestly, both have blended together. My recollection is off.

One green letter. 

Second word, two green letters. This was going pretty well.

Third and fourth words, the same two green letters and a bunch of grays.

Fifth I for sure thought I had it. Though it did take me a few minutes to come up with a word. I couldn’t control my smug smile as I typed Habit and hit enter. Tiles started turning green. Until the fifth. That one went gray. 

Final guess. I was good and truly stumped. There was no hope left. Tryping was all I had left. Eventually, I started slapping T at the beginning and soon after Tacit turned into a thing. A very apt word for this Wordle.

Wordle 244: The One Where I Enabled Hard Mode

For Wordle 244 I removed the guard rails and enabled hard mode. Which enabled a different set of guard rails. The kind that made use of the green and yellow letters in each subsequent guess. 

In a way, it’s a boon. Causing the user to focus on letters that they do know, aids the player in turning yellow letters into green.

The flip side being that now the player’s vocabulary is challenged. Especially when the first letter is unknown. There is no free associating, multiple choice style of gameplay. Words with completely different letters can’t be chosen, severely limiting the letters that will be revealed.

I enjoyed the thoughtful challenge. Most Wordles take me around three to five minutes to solve. This one played for over an hour. Sure, there were a few breaks where I did something else hoping it would jar the word loose. 

Eventually, once I realized it was time to consider a letter being used twice, I solved it. Narrowly dodging failure.