Wordle 305: The Answer Was Cargo

Wordle 305 was quite the Wordle, even though I felt a little disinterested. Just a bit tired, that’s all. It’s not your fault Wordle. It’s not your fault. 

Maybe I’m getting bored of using Adieu as my starting word. Yet, it’s so useful. In this case it gave me a yellow A and nothing more. 

Which was a pretty good indicator that there had to be an O. So, I went with Roast. Which added that O and an R. Both in yellow. Croak kept those letters yellow and added a green C. 

It was Carol that finally turned A and R green. It also let me know that the O was at the end. Since Carbo probably isn’t respected by Wordle, I went with Cargo. I was right.

Wordle 304: Foyer Was The Answer: The Foyer of Phew

Wordle 304 dang near made me think I was going to Wordle X again. Which would have been just four Wordles from the previous time. Luckily, I got on the the wrong scent, that was short lived and covered a bunch of letters. In the end it could have been Mower or Foyer. Turns out Y is back on the menu. It also helps to assume that Mower just isn’t on brand for The Times. 

Adieu gave me a green E. Which was a decent way to start. I felt strongly that an O had to be in the puzzle somewhere. For some reason, once Otter was in my head, I couldn’t think of another word. I even let it sit for five minutes. Before hitting enter. I really just wanted to Otter to be the answer. At least it gave me a yellow O and a green R.

The fact that I couldn’t think of a better word than Otter was strange, as the rest of the puzzle went quick. Poser was entered before I could even fully grasp. The O went green, but that was all. Loner was my fourth guess and didn’t do anything for me except use a guess. Cover was next, giving into my paranoia around the letter V. Two consecutive guesses and not uncovered. It’s difficult to discover letters when there are only two spots available. 

I was on my sixth guess. How could I have gotten another Wordle X so soon? At least I didn’t have time to get my streak high before failing. There really weren’t many choices left. When Foyer was conjured, I knew it just had to be the Wordle. It’s so on brand.

Wordle 303: Flair Was The Answer

Wordle 303 was an emotional roller coaster. That was really short as it had one climb and one drop. 

I started strong with Adieu, getting yellow A and I. Next, I tried Stair and turned the yellow letters green while also getting a green R. 

Chair was the obvious first choice. I was sure I’d won. In only matter of seconds too. I was wrong. 

Then, I tried Glair. Which is a book binder made from egg white. At least I learned something new and got a green L.

Barely a beat had passed before I entered Flair. It was the only logical choice left. Admittedly far more logical than Glair was. In hindsight, Flair was the more obvious choice.

Wordle 302: Ample Was The Answer And The Answer Was Ample

Wordle 302’s answer was Ample.  I got it in four, should have been able to get it in three. Instead I went with the Apple first. Believing that there has to be some sort of letter trickery happening. Double letters or lesser used letters like W, Y, and V, have all made appearances recently. For me, I need to realize that these are usually the exception to the rule. Whomever’s plotting the word choices over at The Times has done fantastic job of turning me against myself.

I had a green A and a yellow E after Adieu. I went with Alert which added a yellow L. At this point, I’d figured that the E most likely had to be down on the end. 

For tryping I tried Aqqle. Which in a way looked like Apple. Maybe I should have looked around a bit more before hitting enter. I didn’t. At least Everything else went green except the first P. After that, I was certain the answer had to be Ample. It was the only answer the made sense. 

And it was.

Wordle 301: Cheek Was The Answer

For Wordle 301, I picked myself up and dusted off the Wordle X’ing that was Wordle 300. Which was much easier to do than last time. I guess Wordle X’s get easier the more they happen. That perfect 100% win stat, mangled beyond repair. Now, it’s at 98%. I’ve read that some people stop playing after an X. 

I got a green E right off the hop from Adieu. Which seemed like a win, but for some reason that placement of that E wasn’t working for me. I conjured up Beret for my next guess. Which worked pretty well. At least it let me know there was another E. Though it was in yellow.

Next, was a boneheaded move that was Queen. It’s been awhile since I made the mistake of re-using a gray letter. Still smarted though. However, both of the E’s were now green. 

H made a lot of since at this point. I gave Sheep a shot. Lo and behold the H went green. This was strange Wordle. Lots of green and gray. Only one yellow letter. 

I had to remind myself that Cheem probably wouldn’t be recognized by Wordle. Now, I kind of regret not hitting enter. I really wanted a win though. Needed it after yesterday’s X. I didn’t want to lose again and definitely wanted to continue playing Wordle.

I turned the other Cheek so to speak. 

Wordle 300: The Answer Was Shame : But I Didn’t Know It Yet And It Sure Was: A Note Found In A Cabin In The Woods

Wordle 300. If you find this letter, it means something bad has happened. I’ve probably been Wordle X’ed. I can feel it’s foreboding presence, lurking. Moving down the hall. Now, it’s at my door. I’m on my sixth guess and there are two possible ways for this to go. Shave or Shame.

As I posted my Wordle 299 post I realized that the next Wordle would be a noteworthy landmark. That’s a lot of Wordling. Sixty five days short of a year. For me it means I’ve done seventy-eight Wordles. This being the seventy-ninth. 

Adieu my Swiss Army knife of vowels gave me a yellow A and E. Stare turned them green and added an S in the same hue. I was doing pretty dang well. 

I thought Scale would be a good next guess. It wasn’t. Then there was Snake. Also, not a good guess. 

Shape was a fairly good guess. Just a little late as it was number five. That’s when I began writing this. I still have yet to Wordle X for the second time. My current streak is thirty-four my previos was forty-three. Just yesterday I was thinking of how close I was getting to surpass my previous streak. Now, I have to wonder if V has returned or if I’m just being paranoid. In all honesty, I know Wordle is just a simple little game, but this has been a bit agonizing to write. To draw out the finale. I don’t want to Wordle X. 

So, is it going to be a close Shave or a dang Shame?

I chuckled a little bit. To have Shame appear in a black box as I Wordle X’ed was humourously meta.

Wordle 299: The Answer Was Mince: Mince For Six Hours

Wordle 299 was tough. My first three guesses came in rapid succession. Guesses four and five occurred over a six hour period. Another Wordle playing friend asked if I wanted hint. I refused. However, as the hours went by I could feel my resolve – and my interest – waining. 

Adieu left with with a yellow I and E. Piers turned that I green. Eight offered no change.

I was concerned and stumped. Eventually I tried Mille. Everything, but the L’s went green. Which was still terrible because I wasn’t connecting the dots. I was sure that V or W would make their return. I was also sure Minoe was a word. No. It is. Not.

It would only be after taking the dogs out, mumbling words and none words alike to myself. In a effort to either get the current channel of thinking out of my mind or jar something loose. When I got back to my desk, the zoom window was sitting over the top of Wordle. Leaving only the bottom row of letters exposed. That was when I saw C and N.


Wordle 298: The Answer Was Chunk: I Really, Really Wanted To Write Chuck

Wordle 298 could have gone better. Except for one glaring issue. One thing that I just couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Something I just couldn’t help myself. For my fourth guess, I went with Chuck. Yeah, it was an inefficient and arguably stupid move. I really wanted to write it though. Oddly enough, so did a friend of mine.

Adieu. It’s kind of boring when Chuck is floating around out there somewhere. Right? I think so. U was yellow. Blah.

Next I tried Hours for a few reasons. It seemed like a good place to see where U was or was not. It would deal with O and S. Also, it was different. 

I was stumped. Which was ironically not a word choice at that point in time because S was out. After a good couple of minutes of tryping, I came up with Thumb. I was sure I had solved the puzzle. All I did was get a green H. Which is something I guess.

Wrong. So I went off script and hit enter on Chuck. Even though it was silly to have two C’s on a word that didn’t seem like a likely Wordle. I also knew that N was available. I just couldn’t help myself from guessing Chuck. Then I typed in Chunk.

I’m going to call this 4.5.

Wordle 297: The Answer Was Royal: Thankfully Not A Royal Pain, Just Moderate

Wordle 297 is the triumphant return of Y. Which experienced quite the heyday a few weeks back. Nymph being its crowning achievement. Wordle X’ing a lot of people.

I began with Adieu followed by Roast. Which was a good way to get three letters in yellow. A, R, and O. 

Looking back, I was really sold on Roman. It just didn’t feel right, but I was sure there had to be an N in there somewhere. Oh, was I wrong.

Royal took me a good while to get. Plenty of Q’s were tryped in as placeholders. There were plenty of weird ones. I was trying to make something inspired by Rocca. Which I doubt is even in the database of words, but who knows. Maybe I will find out one day.

Anyway, the answer was Royal.

Wordle 296: The Answer Was Squad: Finally Q and U Appear!

Wordle 296 is a milestone for me. As far as I can remember, this is the first time that I’ve experienced a Wordle that included Q and U. I know this mostly because Q is my go to placeholder letter when tryping. Many a time it’s lined up in front of a U. Which made me wonder if it would ever actually appear. Finally it did today!

Adieu gave me A, D, and U – obviously – all three in yellow. Which was a great start. 

Next, I tried Daunt. Which made the U go green and made me feel kind of bummed that I had chosen Daunt. Nothing else. Though I did have a pretty good idea that the A came after the U. 

Just to make sure I tryped Qquda. I looked over the available letters and didn’t get a good feeling. All I could figure was Gouda. I wasn’t vibing.

Then I tryped Qquad. A cursory double check on the status of the S, it was available. I punched in Squad hit enter. Then watched each and every letter go green. Far to excited that Q and U had appeared.

Wordle 295: The Answer Was Black: Holy Smokes B Appeared!

Wordle 295 was noteworthy because for the first time in awhile, B appeared in the Wordle. This is something I began to realize a couple weeks ago. In my opinion, B isn’t the most common letter but should appear more often than the time between March 5th and April 10th

Anyway Adieu, followed by Roast, gave me a green A and a bleak outlook. “Is this the puzzle where the other shoe drops and W and V come back with a vengeance?” I think to myself as the dog is sleeping and thoroughly uninvested in Wordle. I feel like they aren’t. The time of W and V is either over with or going to stay dormant a few more days. 

My third guess I sit on for a bit. Tryping all sorts of different words. Plenty of good ones, but they don’t feel right. I decide on Clamp. Which gives me a green L and a yellow C. 

Flack seems like a pretty obvious next choice to me. I can even recall think, “It’s not B. It’s never B.” To have everything beside the F be green was a pretty clear indicator that it was in fact, B. 

Add another fiver to my lifetime achievement board!

Wordle 294: The Answer Was Stair: My First Wordle Two

Wordle 294 was the first time I solved a Wordle in two guesses! Which feels gosh dang amazing. One guess is a fluke. Total luck. With two guesses there’s still a lot of luck involved, but if there are any yellow or greens kicking around there’s a bit of skill. 

At the same time it feels kind of, boring. That’s all the Wordle there is for the day. Luckily for me, I stretched out the play time for a bit while I got some more coffee and pondered. 

Without further Adieu, see what I did there? I had two yellows, A and I. I thought for a bit and tried a couple of words. Really trying to get some of my current fave letters in there. Waist was there, but I realized the I was no good. 

For a flitting moment Island was in my head. However, the D had already been eliminated. In the very next split second, Stair entered my brain. Covering my absolute favorite consonants, plus the yellow vowels I’d already uncovered. It was perfect!

It really was.

Wordle 293: The Answer Was Scare

Wordle 293’s answer was Scare. It was also another example of how we’re in the golden age of Wordle. Whoever has been picking the Wordles has been doing a fantastic job of picking out letters that aren’t so common and using them in a way that convinces me that I need to enter a W and a V in almost every puzzle for the last week. Even though it’s starting to look like that isn’t the case any longer. I’m onto you. The second I drop my guard, I know those letters are coming back. 

Adieu gave me A and E in the hue of yellow. My alternate take on Warts, Waste, kept the A yellow, but flipped the E to green. It also gave me a yellow S. 

Shave was my next guess. Convinced that one of those tricky letters had to be in there. Also, H has been making several appearances as of late. I was wrong. At least I know the word started with S.

Space seemed like a good choice. To some degree it was. While the P stayed gray, the C went yellow. Which at this point in time, it may as well be green. If you know what I mean.

I typed in Scale and almost hit enter. It just didn’t feel right. I backspaced a bit and hit enter on Scare. 

All was green and all was good.

Wordle 292: The Answer Was Foray

Wordle 292 stayed in that vein of challenging. Who is picking the words now is doing a fantastic job of keeping us on our toes. 

Started with Adieu because that’s what I do. Heh. Got a yellow A for that and nothing else. 

Immediately I tried my new super word for this time of W’s and V’s, Warts. This one gave me a green R

By now I’d gone through a lot of letters so moved into my second line with C and L. Which are my second choices. Also, managed to work in O. Which I was sure had to be in this word. Coral turned the A green and added a green O.

I have to admit, I was a little vexed at this point. Which is good. That means I’m having fun.Wordle isn’t being obtuse with it’s word, but it isn’t picking something plain either. I was stuck on ending the word with M or N for a bit. 

Then, through the magic of tryping. I figured that F and Y made a lot of sense. There it was, Foray.

Wordle 291: The Answer Was Comma

Okay Wordle 290 and Wordle in general. You’ve done it! You’ve injected excitement and challenge into Wordle. It’s been tricky. Less common letters have appeared a lot and have thrown me off my game. 

Adieu. I just can’t quit you. The day I do, is that day that Adieu will be the Wordle and I will kick myself. Oh, and the A was yellow.

It was also yellow in Warts. Which was my new powerhouse S, T, and R word for this era and W and V. It gave me nothing. So I moved onto O, C and L. O came back green while C was yellow. 

Unwilling to let go of the double letter thread, I tried Coach. C went green, but nothing else of note.

I was completely certain there was a double letter still. There had to be. I tryped Coqaq and Coqqa. Comma just felt right. As right as any Wordle can feel on the fifth try. Lucky for me it was. While it wasn’t my best display, I had fun. Just the right amount of time and the right amount of challenge.

Wordle 290: The Answer Was Natal or Wordle’s Revenge

Okay, Wordle 290 you went and did. You got me back for all of my sassing I did in Wordle 289. Though some of it is my fault as well. Choosing my pattern was like making a reservation for disaster. 

I started with Adieu, as usual, and got a yellow A. I almost went with Woven. Maybe I kind of wish I had. However, I would have had other issues. 

Next, Rowan which was my compromise between Stare and Woven. I really should have just kept with one of my words with S, T, and R. Stare would not have been efficient, but Roast would have been good. At least I knew where the A went and knew an N lurked in there somewhere.

Feeling completely sure that V was in there somewhere and that there had to be double A’s. I went with Naval. I was pumped as I saw the first two letters go green. Totally bummed and stunned when V went gray.

So, I tried Nasal and got a big nope. Natal worked. If I’d gone with Roast.

Another Fiver!

Wordle 289: The Answer Was Shawl: I Figured You Out Wordle!

Wordle 289. I figured you out. I should have done it sooner based on what I said in Wordle 288, but I got you sooner than you would have expected. Four out of the last six Wordles have included W or V. 

Adieu gave me a yellow A. I felt compelled to try Roast. Which turned that A green and also gave me a yellow S. 

There were a few moments where I did some tryping. Have to admit, Shall crossed my mind, but that was from last week. Then I tried slipping in W or V. Boom! There it was.

Wordle 288: The Answer Was Fewer: Which Meant More Guesses

Wordle 288. Seriously, I have to ask what the deal is with using letters from the last five letters of the alphabet? This entire week has been fraught with alternating W’s, V’s, and Y’s. Sometimes more than one is in the same Wordle. Sometimes it’s only one. They could appear back to back or take a break. Goodness! The thing is, I still haven’t realized that I need to work them into my guesses sooner. That changes tomorrow. 


Adieu and Often – quite the change up I know – gave me a green E and a yellow F. Refer kept that F yellow and added another green E and an R. 

Now that I knew where the F went, there was only one more letter to figure out. The third one. Fever. It was obvious. I didn’t even think twice before hitting return. Oh, lo and behold that V was gray. 

Because of course! Fewer. With a double you. Amazing. Argh!

Wordle 287: The Answer Was Trope: How Meta!

Wordle 287 was written live. Real time! Not fixed up in post or edited. Here we go!

Just hit cmd+R to refresh my page and get rid of Wordle 286. That’s right, I’m a Mac person!

Adieu as usual and it gives me a yellow E. Okay, not the best, but a good candidate to slap on the end of Store.

Store. Hot dog! I was right about the E. It’s green now as is the O. While T and R are in yellow. Things are going well. Keep it together don’t get cocky.

With tryping, I slap in Qrote which will address the yellow letters. At least one of them will go green. Given this weeks Wordles, I’m pretty sure there is a W kicking around. 

Wrote is what I go with and it is wrong. Dang! I was sure I had it. What I do have is a green R. The new possible solution hits me while I’m not even there in my chronicling. 

I know T is the first letter now. Which at first glance gives me Trove or Trope. Since Wordle has been on tear this week with W, Y, and V this week, I instantly assume it’s Trove. 

This is the aspect of Wordle that I do not enjoy. It’s luck more than anything else. I go with Trove. Which means I’ve fallen for a Trope. There is no W, Y, or V. Wordle went meta. Established a Trope this week and made me fall for it. Then it went in the other direction. 

Blast you Wordle! Another fiver!

Wordle 286: The Answer Was Snout

Wordle 286 wasn’t too bad considering the slump I’ve been in. So many five and six guessers lately. I’m pretty sure I did somewhat okay on Wordle 285, but cannot be certain. In that regard, Wordle 286 was my first good Wordle in awhile.

Adieu gave me a yellow U. Rusty kept it that way but added a yellow S and T. It also confirmed that there was no Y

Which is something that has happened three times in recent memory. Two times is enough. The third time was me guessing Lowly in three to four. 

Strum turned the S and U green and did nothing else. So, I had me a bit of think. Went and did something else for a bit. A thing called work. When I returned I’d figured it out. I knew there was an O lurking in there since my second guess, I just hadn’t put in there yet!

Wordle 283: The Answer Shall Leave Me Reeling

Wordle 283 continued the trilogy of results of the not optimal nor desired variety. What I mean by that is four or more. 

Adieu gave me nada. Goats also gave me a yellow S. It’s only now that I realize my mistake of using a gray letter. Oh well. It’s in the past!

I was concerned about the lack of vowels. Especially after Wordle 282’s Wordle of Nymph. To that end I went with Scary as my next choice. S and A both went green and I knew there was no Y.

At this point I pretty much assumed it was a one vowel word. There was no C. So what was the next common letter to appear between S and A? I thought out words like Skate and Scale, but knew they had gray letters. 

I didn’t like using double LL’s. However, I fell pretty confident that it was Shall and it turns out that I was correct.

Wordle 284: My Answer Was Stove

Wordle 284 nearly burned me. Which is ironic because the answer was Stove.

Getting an E from Adieu was more than I expected. The last week has not been kind to favored starting word. 

Store has been in the stable of second words for quite some time. I was super pumped as everything started going green.

Except the R.

And the N in Stone

And the K in Stoke

And the L in Stole

So, I was down to my last guess and I had several choices. Stove, Stowe,  and Stope were the possibilities of which I knew. I just hoped that Wordle stayed true to its basic roots and didn’t go for the less common more fancy pants words. Stove it was. Thankfully.

Wordle 282: The Answer Was Found

Wordle 282 was another N-Gram. A collection of letters that appear together. Which can be absolutely detrimental in Wordle if not discovered soon enough. There’s been a lot lately and I Wordle X’ed on one of the.

Adieu gave me a yellow U and D. So, I thought Cloud would be a decent next guess. It was. D went green while O and U went yellow.

Bound was the next guess. I don’t know why I went with it. It’s never B. When was a B even in a Wordle? I should look that up. 

At least all I had to do was figure out the first letter. Unfortunately, I realized quickly that I was in trouble. Sound? Wrong.

The next two guesses were it. It could be Found, Pound, or to go off in a different phonic direction,  Wound.

I just started typing. It was down to luck. Luckily I was lucky and picked Found first.

Wordle 281: The Answer Was Nymph

Wordle 281 was a unique one. A Wordle with a great amount of difficulty and no vowels. Well, not the typical whole vowels. There was one semi-vowel kicking around in that there Wordle. That also means that for a moment I tried to think of a word that was all consonants.

Adieu and Ghost were my first two guesses and they may as well have been my first. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Only a wide eyed bad feeling.

Lynch was my second guess. It’s been in the news. I was certain it wasn’t the result, but I needed more letters. I got three! Y and H went green. N went yellow. 

After a few seconds, Nymph came to mind. Four guesses, not too bad. 

Wordle 280: The Answer Was Epoxy

Either Wordle 280 was stupid or I was stupid. One of us was the stupid. (Yes, I meant to type it that way!)

After Adieu and Store, I had one green O and one yellow E. 

Peony was my next guess. Which was pretty dang solid. P and E were yellow while O and Y were green. This thing was practically solved. 

Until it wasn’t.

I knew the Wordle started with E. For some reason I became far to invested in the P going between the O and Y. I was sure there was some word I didn’t know. To the point that I just started typing in the letter and hitting enter. Ecopy, Emopy, and a plethora of words that I struggle with autocorrect to chronicle here.

Once I realized that it was Epoxy, I felt embarrassed. At one point in Wordle 279 I was sure there was an X in the solution. Here it hadn’t even crossed my mind. 

Wordle 279: The Answer Was Depot And I Need Detox

Wordle 279 started out promising, but quickly made me lose interest. The day was just off schedule and super busy so I played Wordle out of duty, not for fun.

After getting a yellow D and E from Adieu, I made the boneheaded move of Coded. Both stayed yellow, especially the E because it was in the exact same spot. What a dummy! Though I did get an additional O

Trode gave me the addition of a yellow T while keeping all previous yellow letters yellow. Yay!

I flipped the script and went with Detox. Which I figured was not the answer. An X, really? I was right, but pretty much everything went green except for the T and the X. Obviously.

All I had to do was figure out what the middle letter was and it was pretty dang apparent. I mean, there wasn’t even another choice was there? Depot. Certainly not my finest showing, but I was fine with it.

Wordle 278: The Answer Was Chest: An Empty Chest of Beige

Wordle 278 started out with me be unreasonably pumped for some reason. I mean I like Wordle, but not that much. There was an excitement as I typed in Adieu and got a yellow E. I have no idea why I was stoked to play.

Store kept that E yellow and gave me S and T in the same hue. After giving it a think and knowing that it couldn’t be Reset as there was no R, I went with Beset. Double letters are back on the menu after Slosh. Well, at least the T went green.

I had another good think. Just me and my laptop. Chest seemed like a good choice and it was. I wasn’t underwhelmed, I was simply whelmed.  

Wordle 276: Slosh Was The Sloshing Answer!

Wordle 276 was stupid. Actually it the answer was Slosh, but the Wordle as a whole was stupid. Really stupid.

I struck out on Adieu. Went with Stork on my second guess and got a green S and O. Pretty dang good I thought. 

I was busy with work so I went away for awhile. When I came back I tried Scold and was awarded a yellow L. Things were decent. 

Spool was my next guess after another stint of work. There was no progress made. 

Thoroughly stumped I carried on with my workday. In all honesty, I was in full panic mode. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to Wordle X. 

I chatted with a friend and fellow Wordle player over Slack. Confiding that I had no idea and that the Wordle was stupid. Then it me in my soft squishy sloshy brain. Slosh!


Wordle 277: The Answer Was Purged

Wordle 277 was just what I need after the abysmal Wordle 276. This has to be the first time in Wordle recollecting that an N-Gram wasn’t a panic inducing Wordle Xing ender.

Adieu gave me an E and U of the yellow variety. I had a think before settling on Urgesfor my second guess. Which I didn’t feel too great about as I hit return. At the very least I would have a better idea of where the yellow letters went.

Instead I had Urge spelled out in yellow. Only the S was gray. 

With no S, it was pretty obvious that the Wordle was Purge. Thanks N-Grams!