Wordle 336: The Answer Was Scrap

Wordle 336 continued the more guesses than I want trend, but was at least a move to trend upward from Wordle 335. I have to say that I tried my level best to not use many guesses. However after a boneheaded move, I lost my resolve and just started guessing quickly.

Before that though, I started with Adieu and then tried Roast. By the end I had A, R, and S all in yellow. I did a lot of tryping. Yet, I remained uninspired and stumped.

I went for a walk around my living room. Looked out the window. Walked back and typed in Marsh knowing full well that the S didn’t go there. That is why I hadn’t typed in Marsh before. At least the R turned green, but I’d missed a chance on the S. 

After that embarrassment, my next two guess happened quick. Spray made the S and the A join R in greensville and hinted the a P was down on the end. Which I quickly tryped and realized that only Scrap would work.

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