Wordle 335: The Answer Was Gamer

Wordle 335 was nearly another Wordle X thanks to word Gamer and my paranoia of semi-vowels. Which resurfaced to the nth degree after its absence was noted yesterday. 

I was immediately in a position that I didn’t care for. Adieu gave me a yellow A and a green E. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? For some reason I have a propensity of trying to put AE together first. Which is silly. 

Once that phase was out of the way, I inputed Valet. Basically giving top billing to semi-vowels. Which at least solidified the A’s location. 

Wafer seemed like another off beat choice. Perfect for a tricky Wordle.  One semi-vowel was off the list and I got a green R. Next, I fast tracked Sayer. No semi-vowels! No dice! 

After exhausting the semi-vowel options, it was time to get nerdy with the words choices. Maker seemed like it would have been a nice little shout out to the can do community of the same name. However, Wordle wasn’t into be being hip and giving nods to those plucky folks. Instead, Wordle was in the mood that can be described as “Hello fellow kids!” Gamer. 

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