Wordle 334: Glass Was The Answer: I Barely Saw It

Wordle 334 had me genuinely concerned for the first time in awhile. Coming off a two guesser, I was sure I couldn’t do that twice in a row. However, that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a swagger as I typed in the first couple of words.

I got a yellow A from Adieu and put that in Roast right after. Where the A turned green and brought along S as a green buddy. 

Thus began the downward spiral. Cough. My downwordle spiral. [Sunglasses]

Clash gave me a green L and wiped the confident smirk off my face. I had to be on the right track! So, I went with Flask. Nothing good came of that choice.

I had quickly chewed through a bunch of letters. After a brief moment of entertaining Blast before recognizing I couldn’t do that, I realized I hadn’t been paranoid this puzzle. I hadn’t been concerned with semi-vowels or, double letters. [Sunglasses off]

There was no other word I could think of other than Glass. It was finally over with. 

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