Wordle 332: Being Was The Answer

With Wordle 332 the four guess streak moved into day five. It’s not like I’m doing this on purpose. On guesses two and three, I’m taking my time and hoping that I get right. I’m not necessarily complaining. I prefer this to being stuck in a streak of five or six guesses. 

Adieu opened the board with a green I and a yellow E. Totally a good start and one that left me scratching my head as to what my next guess could be for a moment.

Eventually, I decided on Spire. I felt unsatisfied with getting P out there so quickly, but I was trying to move the game along. Also, at this point there are no safe or sacred letters in Wordle. Each and every single one is fair game. 

While nothing obviously good came from Spire at least I knew what wasn’t in the word and had one more place where the E couldn’t go. I really wanted to type Weird, not for the first time in the last few days. However, I knew it was impossible, so instead I went with Weigh. Finally the E went green! As well as giving me a yellow G

After a few more moments of tryping and telling myself that it definitely couldn’t be Weird, I finally got the answer. It wasn’t the semi-vowels that I needed to be concerned with. In fact, statistically speaking – not that I have this statistic on hand – semi-vowels are often more present than the letter of which I was concerned. Even individually. That letter of course is B. After putting the G and the end, Being seemed like the perfect word. Furthermore, I’d never seemed to have guessed it before. Winner!

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