Wordle 331: Delve Was The Answer

Wordle 331 shows that I can be consistent when I want to be, or get lucky enough. Four days in a row of hitting Wordle in four guesses. Is it something of which to be proud? Strictly speaking in the world of Wordle, yes. With Wordle one has to know words, but one also has to be lucky. This isn’t some crossword puzzle the relies solely one’s vocabulary and ability to answer briefly written trivia questions.

Adieu opened the game with a yellow D and E. Which I tossed into Trode immediately. At least the E went green. This also made me slow my roll a bit. Only one accepted vowel means double letters or semi-vowels. 

After a bit of tryping I settled on Hedge. Briefly ignoring the sense for intuiting semi-vowels. At least the E went green. Also, I knew that the D belonged at the first of the sentence. 

It was a quick jump to Delve after that. Done.

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