Wordle 329: The Answer Was Metal

Wordle 329 played a heck of a lot faster than Wordle 328 did. One of those Wordles that makes me wish there were timed mode. Alas there isn’t. No matter how many times my paranoia of semi-vowels gives way to the delusional paranoia that some one at The Times is actually reading my blog and being a cheeky foil. Well, someday.

Adieu let me out of the gate with a yellow A and E. As usual after that result, I went with Stare next. That added a yellow T to my repotoire of letters. 

So, I tried Pleat. The P remained gray while the A went green. Everything else was yellow. Pleat had been a good word to choose due to it being an anagram for Petal. Which I knew the answer couldn’t be as P was gray. 

However, it could be Metal. It was!

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