Wordle 328: The Answer Was Tipsy

I took an incredibly long time with Wordle 328. I typed in Adieu first thing in the morning. It wasn’t until over twelve hours later that I played Stoic. Hey, I was on vacation.

I remember when the word Misty appeared in my head. Sitting in that hot tub with my eyes closed, just trying to think of words that would work well. Right after Misty, came Stoic. Which was what I decided to go with first when the came. Either way, I got S and T in yellow. Though Misty did get a green Y and turned the I green as well.

A new game plan was needed. Something that would shake up my Wordle guesses. I needed to really rearrange the S and the T. Admitting that there were not traveling near one another. Tipsy sounded like a good idea. It was.

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