Wordle 330: Yield Was The Answer

Wordle 330 was the third day in a row for solving a Wordle in four guesses. Though my duckface that I displayed while typing in my fourth guess clearly stated that it should have been three. I’d gotten thrown off my game a bit on the second guess. Then I simply quit caring about semi-vowels. 

In a darkened hotel room I typed Adieu and hit return. I was thrilled to get yellow letters for D, I, and E. What a great way to start out.

I really took my time on the second guess. Trying several different avenues and arranging the letters that I already knew. Apparently, I took too long though. I didn’t double check as I hit return on Chide. What a bone headed move!

Shaken by my mistake, I typed in Field without much of a second thought. Other than making sure I was retreading the locations of letters. Everything went green except the F

I hadn’t even considered semi-vowels for some reason. Yet, here was a word that could start with two of them. I got lucky when I went with Yield.

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