Wordle 327: The Answer Was Slung Or So I Hear: Another Wordle X

Wordle 327 marks my third Wordle X’ing. Which honestly didn’t sting as much as I thought it would. Maybe I’m getting used to it. Perhaps I don’t care now that the perfect score is gone. Sure, I could delete my browser cookies and such. I’d know that I failed. So, it’s 97% for me now. 

Adieu gave me a yellow U right off the hop. A decent enough start over all. However, I needed some more strong letters. Therefore, I tried Clout for the first time and got a green L

Pretty good so far I have to admit. However, I was about to sabotage myself by guessing far too many double letters. Like the B’s in Blurb and the F’s in Sluff. A word I had to type twice because autocorrect doesn’t think it’s a word. Well, Wordle did. Surprisingly. At least I knew where the U was and got a green S.

Fresh off that pile of nope, I came back to the real world. Trying Slump. Which did nothing. Even though in the history of Wordle, at least as far as I recall, there hasn’t been a plural word. That didn’t stop me. I had to use double letters. Slugs. The yellow G wasn’t enough. 

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