Wordle 326: The Answer Was Farce

Wordle 326’s answer was Farce though the Wordle itself was anything but. This had to be one of the best balanced Wordles that I’d played a good long while. By the end I’d felt like the proper amount of challenge, time, and guesses were all in alignment with each other. Though I guess some of that is on me choosing words without so many X’s and Z’s in them.

To that end, we all know where it started! Adieu set me off on the path of another Wordle adventure with A and E in that mustardy hue.

Stare seemed like the next logical choice. Which added a yellow R and turned the E green. Certainly not a bad place to be in.

Now, I wasn’t feeling so paranoid about the semi-vowels like I usually do. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe they aren’t lurking around that puzzle any longer. It certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t try Carve. An excellent choice that turned all previous yellow letters green added a yellow C. 

Knowing full well where the C went, that left only having to figure out the first letter. Farce came to fruition pretty quick. After a brief double check of other possibilities, I committed. 

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