Wordle 325: Gecko Was The Answer

Wordle 325’s answer was Gecko and I figured it out in four guesses. Which for whatever reason, felt like quite a relief. Probably because that last few days have been near Wordle X or took forever. That being said Wordle 325 wasn’t super fast either, but it was preferably quicker.

Adieu started me out with a yellow E that I promptly placed in Store. Which in turn added a yellow O. What was I supposed to do with E and O? I tried a lot of things. Like a lot a lot. 

Then I settled on Lemon and at least the E turned green. There was very distinct feeling that the O didn’t go on the beginning. Some of that was due to the a lot a lot of things I’d already tried. 

Which meant that O had to belong at the end. Once I saw that C and K hadn’t been used, it was a short step to Gecko.  

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