Wordle 324: Shine Was The Answer

Wordle 324 was better that Wordle 323 though its results would disagree. At least it wasn’t a Wordle X. Which with some of my guesses, I deserve nothing less than. Behold!

Adieu! You know it! I know it! I got a green I and a yellow E. 

So, what has strong letters, addresses the E, and has cheek? Well, Exist of course! What? I know! I got a yellow S.

Same inquisitive criteria as the last one, but with an S in the mix. Seize! S, E, and I all went green, but not in that order.

I’m really obsessed with semi-vowels and cheekiness and tried Swine. I received a green N. Then had to tell myself that Svine and Syine are not words. However, Spine is and it wasn’t what Wordle wanted.

Now, I really tightened up. Went through all the letters several times. Even after Shine was an obvious choice. Once I was certain it was the answer I typed it in and hit enter. 


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