Wordle 323: The Answer Was Canny

Wordle 323 was annoying. In fact, I’m getting the feeling that there is a Sunday Wordle like there is a Sunday crossword puzzle. Sometimes there’s just a little too much to do than to put my feet up on ponder a Wordle. 

Adieu helped along with getting going by giving me a yellow A. Which I tossed into Roast where it stayed yellow. I had the distinct feeling that semi-vowels or double letters were hanging around.

To be perfectly honest here, I do not remember what the next word was. It was Mother’s Day and I was busy. I’ve waited all day to remember it and that’s not going to happen. All I do know is that it started with Ca as my squares went green. Then I remember being distinctly stumped once more.

So I typed Cacky. After which I hit enter due to my frustration. I was stunned to see the letters start flipping. Turns our it’s British slang. I had no idea. Thanks for nothing Dr. Who!

Then it was so obvious, but not that obvious. Both double letters and semi-vowels had to be in the puzzle. I type in Canny and totally agreed.

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