Wordle 322: The Answer Was Midst

Wordle 322 took me longer than it should have. Especially with my propensity for playing S and T as soon as possible. Which I didn’t in this case. Mostly because I kept putting them at the front of the words. Also, Wordle’s cheekiness undermines my better judgement.

Adieu started me out strong with a yellow D and I. Which I turned green the next moment with Widow. Which gave me nothing else.

I was stumped. Tryping wasn’t helping. Surely there was a double letter or semi-vowel hiding somewhere, right? Giddy? Nothing.

Well, I will try for another double letter with Midis. Which I was shocked that it even was accepted as a word. Now that I’m looking at google I’m even more surprised. Maybe Midis was accepted as a pluralized slang term for a mid-length skirt? Which appeared briefly in the google predictive selection before trying to sell me audio tool or get my muffler fixed. I need neither.

I did get a yellow S and, more importantly, a green M. Now all I had to do was figure the last letter. Which I did with a grimace, realizing the irony, knowing that I’ve been ruined by the cheekiness of Wordle.

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