Wordle 319: Train Was The Answer

Wordle 319 would have been one of those kinds of Wordles that make me want to roll my eyes except for one key factor, I did it quickly. Which is a consolation when the puzzle is kind of dumb and more luck that anything.

Adieu started me out with two yellow letters, A and I. Naturally, I went with Stair next and turned the yellow letters green while adding T and R as two new yellow letters. 

What happened next was a little my fault. It was clear that semi-vowels weren’t in this Wordle, but I figured that there would some amount of cheekiness from this Wordle. Cheekiness includes double letters. That’s why I went with Trait. Everything went green except for that final T. Yeah, I should have picked something else. Obviously.

However, it was a bit of a crap shoot at this time. I just started guessing and hoping for the best. Trail. Nope. I started feeling nervous. Train was a good choice, but I was worried that there was some word I didn’t know lurking. I closed my eyes and hit return. Train made it all go green. 

Five guesses, but a quick five guesses.

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