Wordle 318: The Answer Was Hairy: Checks Notes. Yes, Hairy.

Wordle 318 was stupid. I woke up late and didn’t play Wordle until well into the afternoon. Not that I’m blaming that. Wordle 318 was stupid whatever time of day it was. I mean, Adieu did a great job of giving me a green I and a yellow A. However, it wouldn’t be enough.

My second guess was Rails and to my best recollection, this is the first appearance of Rails. Seemed decent, and it was. As the A went green and the R went yellow.

At this point, I thought Hairy could be a choice. Surely one of the semi-vowels had to be kicking around. I immediately dismissed Hairy as it didn’t seem on brand. In hindsight, if Zesty could be a Wordle than so should Hairy. Even if Hairy does seem a little gross. Possibly. Depending on the context.

Instead of choosing Hairy, I chose Cairn which made that R go green. Hairy crossed my mind again, yet I refused to waste a guess on it. I went with Fairy instead. At least it gave me a green Y

I spend the next minute combing over unused letters. Attempting to put absolutely any letter in front of all the greens, other than H. Eventually, it was more than apparent that the only choice was Hairy. 


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