Wordle 317: Story Was The Answer

Wordle 317 was the kind of Wordle that I needed to have after Wordle 316. Which took way too many hours of my life and caused undue stress. With some degree of hesitation I hit refresh and started Wordle 317. Getting nothing from Adieu. I fully knowing that the semi-vowels were back.

Really, the semi-vowels haven’t gone anywhere in the last month. They are truly on the board now. That’s why my second guess was Worst. Imagine my stress and delight to see everything but the W go yellow. 

Immediately, I tried putting V in with those letters. Soon after finding that it was impossible. I moved on to the next half-vowel and was taken aback with how simple it was. Story went in and everything went green. It was fast enough to make me wish for a timed mode once more. 

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