Wordle 315: Larva Was The Answer

Wordle 315 was a bit of a toughy. Not that kind of toughy that make me Wordle X or even get to six guesses, but the kind that makes me spend thirty minutes on one guess. After writing about how my numbers have gone and the increase in five guess Wordless, I’m committed to slowing anything beyond four.

As anyone could have predicted, I began with Adieu. In turn, I learned of a yellow A. I smelled semi-vowels, but there could also be double A’s or even an O. To that end I thought it best to go with Roast. With added a yellow R and kept the A yellow. That lack of O sure was perplexing though. I knew then that a semi-vowel or double letter had to be hiding in there somewhere. 

I also hadn’t figured out where the A or the R actually went. So, Carry seemed like a good choice. It was okay. At least it got rid of Y. It also eliminated R as the double letter. Which I have to admit I was already pretty sure it wasn’t. 

Larva took me a good long while to get. I tried starting words with W or V. When that didn’t pan out I tryped them all over the place. I had to tell myself that things like Farva and Baral were not words, but words adjacent. That didn’t mean I didn’t try. 

To make matters worse, a friend and fellow Wordle player, happened to send me her results. She’s smart and I know there is a lot of luck in Wordle, but to see her with six guesses freaked me out. I went into panic mode. Trying to resist the urge to start hitting enter on not the best guesses. Eventually, Farva became Larva.

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