Wordle 314: The Answer Was Trash

Wordle 314’s answer was Trash! Also, I Trashed that Wordle and got it in three guesses. Three guesses are certainly a reason to get excited. Felt like I used to get them all the time. In fact, I remember setting the goal of having more threes than fours. That was back in Wordle 274. Since then the four and five guessers have pulled way out in front. There used to be only six more four than three. Now there’s ten. 

Adieu let me know there was an A in the puzzle somewhere. Which gave me the feeling that those weird semi-vowels weren’t hanging around. I shouldn’t have had that feeling, but I did. 

Since it hadn’t been used in awhile, I went with Roast. A normal word with a bunch of common letters and it paid off. I turned the A green as well as getting a green S.  In addition, the R and the T were both yellow.

For my final guess – not that I knew it was my final guess at the time – I guessed Trashed. Oh, it took a few seconds to come up with. I simply chose to go with words that started with T. Nothing else was really came to mind as I sifted through the unused letters. When I saw the H, I hit return and watched all the letters go green.

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