Wordle 313: The Answer Was Zesty

Wordle 313 had the zesty answer of Zesty. Which took me five attempts to solve, because who in their right mind would use Z any sooner. 

Adieu gave me a yellow E. Which gave me the same feeling that I had during Wordle 312. Knowing that it was going to be those kinds of vowels, I tried Woven and received nothing for it. Though I’m vowing to find an even better word. Not gaining ground on the E isn’t good. That’s for another post. 

Well, now I knew that the Wordle was only one kind of those kind of vowels or the letter E was used repeatedly. I thought it best to cover the most ground I possibly could with Style. Getting the Y in there while doing something with the E. S, T, Y, and E went and or remained yellow. 

Admittedly, I was a little offput with the results. Having Y in the word and no E at the end just made me feel like I was on unsteady footing. Even with S and T in there! Tyers I figured was a good choice. It was also the first word that came to mind. And still everything was yellow with one gray letter.

I knew I had to change it up. I tried starting the word with Y and got some weird attempt at something inspired by yesterday that would never work. I thought about Yeast. Which is a weird sentence to write. Immediately, I realized it was as impossible as my yesterday abomination. 

There been a few mind experiments where I put Y on the end, but they were all colloquial slang words that I didn’t think Wordle would except. With eventual immediacy I discovered the Z and gave it a go. There was a little bit of fear, could have been adrenaline I suppose, swimming around as I hit enter. I was thinking if the Z goes green, I’m in. If not, I have one guess left and no idea what the Wordle could be. Surely, the Z went green.

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