Wordle 312: The Answer Was Shown: LIke, Literally Shown

Wordle 312 started out like pretty much all of my Wordles, with Adieu. Which was responded to with five gray letters. A totally bleak way to start a Wordle, but I appreciate the no nonsense approach. At least I knew where I stood. “So it’s those kinds of vowels, eh?” I said aloud.

Those kinds of vowels being O followed by all the weird fair-weather semi vowels like W and Y. Though I was fairly convinced there was a V hanging out. So convinced in fact that I sacrificed a letter that I already knew wasn’t in the puzzle in order to cover as much ground as possible with Woven. A green N and a yellow W and a yellow O were a fair trade. Also, it was nice to know the status of V.

Known was my next guess and it shored up the uncovered letters, changing them to green. Everyone is into fantasy now, so I figured maybe The Times was cashing in on that bit of zeitgeisty goodness. To that end my fourth guess was Crown. No change. 

I punched in Shown quickly there after and was gifted green. 

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