Wordle 311: The Answer Was Heist

Wordle 311 was a good one. Could have been better if I hadn’t chosen Exile as my second choice, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I felt quite strongly about Exile being the Wordle. Which would have left me in quite the mood had I not chosen it and it ended up being the answer. 

Adieu started out fairly well with a green I and a yellow E. Even though Exile wasn’t the answer, it did really narrow down where the E could go and that there was only one.

Chime was next, after a brief searching of these posts to see if it had been used once before. I’d only used it as a guess, it hadn’t been a Wordle. I’ve still only used it as a guess. I also knew for certain where the E belonged.

Heist really should have been my second choice. At first I’d been focused on E before I and honestly, it contains S and T which are the letters that I’m always trying to suss out first. Why I didn’t go with it, I was a little too focused on Weird and knew that couldn’t be the solution.  

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