Wordle 310: The Answer Was Askew

Wordle 310 had the solution of Askew. Really, the entire Wordle was Askew. Was it my waking later than usual and that I wasn’t fully awake? Maybe. I sure couldn’t come up with many words to begin with. 

Of course, Adieu, happened quick. It’s basically a reflex at this point. Aches however took me a little while. Though I did think it was a fairly solid choice given the fact that Adieu had given me a green A and E. Aches was a decent choice, adding a yellow S. 

Aspen was next and it turned that S green, but did nothing else. Now, I was thinking that was a double letter in there somewhere. Heck, I even thought there could be a triple S usage in Asses. However, I reviewed my previous choices and found that wasn’t possible. 

I went with Asset instead and got nothing for it. Well, nothing that wasn’t in grayscale. Finally, I chose Askew. Those pesky V and W are most certainly back.

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