Wordle 308: Olive Was The Answer

Wordle 308’s answer was Olive and it was the second time this week that the Wordle began with an O. In order to figure that though I had to burn through a lot of useless guesses.

Adieu wasn’t useless and though I’m a little bored with it, I’m not changing Adieu anytime soon. Next was Swine. I figured a W or V had to be lurking. I was right and wrong at the same time.

Chime seemed like the next obvie choice. It wasn’t. Tripe didn’t seem on brand, but was there to fish out some letters. It did it’s job by letting me know those letters were out.

Two guesses left and stuff was getting real. I was also running out of letters. That’s when I changed tactics. Starting words with E didn’t work, but it did get me to think about O followed be realizing the V was still available.

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