Wordle 306: Oxide, Oxide, Oxide

Wordle 306’s answer was Oxide and, oh my goodness, did it take me awhile to figure it out. Once again, to whoever is choosing the words over at The Times, kudos.

Adieu I know I said I was getting a little bored, but I can’t stop using you. Not until you’re a solution to a Wordle. Also, Adieu was super helpful today. A green I with a D and E in yellow. 

I was off to a great start. I figure this was going to the a three or four guesser. Oh was I wrong! Pride, Glide, Chide, and Snide all flew from my fingertips in a matter of seconds. Each word was a point on the emotional hill I was journeying down. At first, I had Pride at my second choice, figured I’d Glide in for a three guesser, then I felt the puzzle Chide me, only to realize how Snide this Wordle was. 

Yet none of them were correct! I switched up tactics, trying to start the word with a D or an E. It wasn’t until tryping the non-word Exide that I realized that I was wrong about the O. 


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