Wordle 304: Foyer Was The Answer: The Foyer of Phew

Wordle 304 dang near made me think I was going to Wordle X again. Which would have been just four Wordles from the previous time. Luckily, I got on the the wrong scent, that was short lived and covered a bunch of letters. In the end it could have been Mower or Foyer. Turns out Y is back on the menu. It also helps to assume that Mower just isn’t on brand for The Times. 

Adieu gave me a green E. Which was a decent way to start. I felt strongly that an O had to be in the puzzle somewhere. For some reason, once Otter was in my head, I couldn’t think of another word. I even let it sit for five minutes. Before hitting enter. I really just wanted to Otter to be the answer. At least it gave me a yellow O and a green R.

The fact that I couldn’t think of a better word than Otter was strange, as the rest of the puzzle went quick. Poser was entered before I could even fully grasp. The O went green, but that was all. Loner was my fourth guess and didn’t do anything for me except use a guess. Cover was next, giving into my paranoia around the letter V. Two consecutive guesses and not uncovered. It’s difficult to discover letters when there are only two spots available. 

I was on my sixth guess. How could I have gotten another Wordle X so soon? At least I didn’t have time to get my streak high before failing. There really weren’t many choices left. When Foyer was conjured, I knew it just had to be the Wordle. It’s so on brand.

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