Wordle 302: Ample Was The Answer And The Answer Was Ample

Wordle 302’s answer was Ample.  I got it in four, should have been able to get it in three. Instead I went with the Apple first. Believing that there has to be some sort of letter trickery happening. Double letters or lesser used letters like W, Y, and V, have all made appearances recently. For me, I need to realize that these are usually the exception to the rule. Whomever’s plotting the word choices over at The Times has done fantastic job of turning me against myself.

I had a green A and a yellow E after Adieu. I went with Alert which added a yellow L. At this point, I’d figured that the E most likely had to be down on the end. 

For tryping I tried Aqqle. Which in a way looked like Apple. Maybe I should have looked around a bit more before hitting enter. I didn’t. At least Everything else went green except the first P. After that, I was certain the answer had to be Ample. It was the only answer the made sense. 

And it was.

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