Wordle 301: Cheek Was The Answer

For Wordle 301, I picked myself up and dusted off the Wordle X’ing that was Wordle 300. Which was much easier to do than last time. I guess Wordle X’s get easier the more they happen. That perfect 100% win stat, mangled beyond repair. Now, it’s at 98%. I’ve read that some people stop playing after an X. 

I got a green E right off the hop from Adieu. Which seemed like a win, but for some reason that placement of that E wasn’t working for me. I conjured up Beret for my next guess. Which worked pretty well. At least it let me know there was another E. Though it was in yellow.

Next, was a boneheaded move that was Queen. It’s been awhile since I made the mistake of re-using a gray letter. Still smarted though. However, both of the E’s were now green. 

H made a lot of since at this point. I gave Sheep a shot. Lo and behold the H went green. This was strange Wordle. Lots of green and gray. Only one yellow letter. 

I had to remind myself that Cheem probably wouldn’t be recognized by Wordle. Now, I kind of regret not hitting enter. I really wanted a win though. Needed it after yesterday’s X. I didn’t want to lose again and definitely wanted to continue playing Wordle.

I turned the other Cheek so to speak. 

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