Wordle 299: The Answer Was Mince: Mince For Six Hours

Wordle 299 was tough. My first three guesses came in rapid succession. Guesses four and five occurred over a six hour period. Another Wordle playing friend asked if I wanted hint. I refused. However, as the hours went by I could feel my resolve – and my interest – waining. 

Adieu left with with a yellow I and E. Piers turned that I green. Eight offered no change.

I was concerned and stumped. Eventually I tried Mille. Everything, but the L’s went green. Which was still terrible because I wasn’t connecting the dots. I was sure that V or W would make their return. I was also sure Minoe was a word. No. It is. Not.

It would only be after taking the dogs out, mumbling words and none words alike to myself. In a effort to either get the current channel of thinking out of my mind or jar something loose. When I got back to my desk, the zoom window was sitting over the top of Wordle. Leaving only the bottom row of letters exposed. That was when I saw C and N.


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