Wordle 298: The Answer Was Chunk: I Really, Really Wanted To Write Chuck

Wordle 298 could have gone better. Except for one glaring issue. One thing that I just couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Something I just couldn’t help myself. For my fourth guess, I went with Chuck. Yeah, it was an inefficient and arguably stupid move. I really wanted to write it though. Oddly enough, so did a friend of mine.

Adieu. It’s kind of boring when Chuck is floating around out there somewhere. Right? I think so. U was yellow. Blah.

Next I tried Hours for a few reasons. It seemed like a good place to see where U was or was not. It would deal with O and S. Also, it was different. 

I was stumped. Which was ironically not a word choice at that point in time because S was out. After a good couple of minutes of tryping, I came up with Thumb. I was sure I had solved the puzzle. All I did was get a green H. Which is something I guess.

Wrong. So I went off script and hit enter on Chuck. Even though it was silly to have two C’s on a word that didn’t seem like a likely Wordle. I also knew that N was available. I just couldn’t help myself from guessing Chuck. Then I typed in Chunk.

I’m going to call this 4.5.

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