Wordle 297: The Answer Was Royal: Thankfully Not A Royal Pain, Just Moderate

Wordle 297 is the triumphant return of Y. Which experienced quite the heyday a few weeks back. Nymph being its crowning achievement. Wordle X’ing a lot of people.

I began with Adieu followed by Roast. Which was a good way to get three letters in yellow. A, R, and O. 

Looking back, I was really sold on Roman. It just didn’t feel right, but I was sure there had to be an N in there somewhere. Oh, was I wrong.

Royal took me a good while to get. Plenty of Q’s were tryped in as placeholders. There were plenty of weird ones. I was trying to make something inspired by Rocca. Which I doubt is even in the database of words, but who knows. Maybe I will find out one day.

Anyway, the answer was Royal.

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