Wordle 296: The Answer Was Squad: Finally Q and U Appear!

Wordle 296 is a milestone for me. As far as I can remember, this is the first time that I’ve experienced a Wordle that included Q and U. I know this mostly because Q is my go to placeholder letter when tryping. Many a time it’s lined up in front of a U. Which made me wonder if it would ever actually appear. Finally it did today!

Adieu gave me A, D, and U – obviously – all three in yellow. Which was a great start. 

Next, I tried Daunt. Which made the U go green and made me feel kind of bummed that I had chosen Daunt. Nothing else. Though I did have a pretty good idea that the A came after the U. 

Just to make sure I tryped Qquda. I looked over the available letters and didn’t get a good feeling. All I could figure was Gouda. I wasn’t vibing.

Then I tryped Qquad. A cursory double check on the status of the S, it was available. I punched in Squad hit enter. Then watched each and every letter go green. Far to excited that Q and U had appeared.

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