Wordle 295: The Answer Was Black: Holy Smokes B Appeared!

Wordle 295 was noteworthy because for the first time in awhile, B appeared in the Wordle. This is something I began to realize a couple weeks ago. In my opinion, B isn’t the most common letter but should appear more often than the time between March 5th and April 10th

Anyway Adieu, followed by Roast, gave me a green A and a bleak outlook. “Is this the puzzle where the other shoe drops and W and V come back with a vengeance?” I think to myself as the dog is sleeping and thoroughly uninvested in Wordle. I feel like they aren’t. The time of W and V is either over with or going to stay dormant a few more days. 

My third guess I sit on for a bit. Tryping all sorts of different words. Plenty of good ones, but they don’t feel right. I decide on Clamp. Which gives me a green L and a yellow C. 

Flack seems like a pretty obvious next choice to me. I can even recall think, “It’s not B. It’s never B.” To have everything beside the F be green was a pretty clear indicator that it was in fact, B. 

Add another fiver to my lifetime achievement board!

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