Wordle 294: The Answer Was Stair: My First Wordle Two

Wordle 294 was the first time I solved a Wordle in two guesses! Which feels gosh dang amazing. One guess is a fluke. Total luck. With two guesses there’s still a lot of luck involved, but if there are any yellow or greens kicking around there’s a bit of skill. 

At the same time it feels kind of, boring. That’s all the Wordle there is for the day. Luckily for me, I stretched out the play time for a bit while I got some more coffee and pondered. 

Without further Adieu, see what I did there? I had two yellows, A and I. I thought for a bit and tried a couple of words. Really trying to get some of my current fave letters in there. Waist was there, but I realized the I was no good. 

For a flitting moment Island was in my head. However, the D had already been eliminated. In the very next split second, Stair entered my brain. Covering my absolute favorite consonants, plus the yellow vowels I’d already uncovered. It was perfect!

It really was.

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