Wordle 293: The Answer Was Scare

Wordle 293’s answer was Scare. It was also another example of how we’re in the golden age of Wordle. Whoever has been picking the Wordles has been doing a fantastic job of picking out letters that aren’t so common and using them in a way that convinces me that I need to enter a W and a V in almost every puzzle for the last week. Even though it’s starting to look like that isn’t the case any longer. I’m onto you. The second I drop my guard, I know those letters are coming back. 

Adieu gave me A and E in the hue of yellow. My alternate take on Warts, Waste, kept the A yellow, but flipped the E to green. It also gave me a yellow S. 

Shave was my next guess. Convinced that one of those tricky letters had to be in there. Also, H has been making several appearances as of late. I was wrong. At least I know the word started with S.

Space seemed like a good choice. To some degree it was. While the P stayed gray, the C went yellow. Which at this point in time, it may as well be green. If you know what I mean.

I typed in Scale and almost hit enter. It just didn’t feel right. I backspaced a bit and hit enter on Scare. 

All was green and all was good.

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