Wordle 292: The Answer Was Foray

Wordle 292 stayed in that vein of challenging. Who is picking the words now is doing a fantastic job of keeping us on our toes. 

Started with Adieu because that’s what I do. Heh. Got a yellow A for that and nothing else. 

Immediately I tried my new super word for this time of W’s and V’s, Warts. This one gave me a green R

By now I’d gone through a lot of letters so moved into my second line with C and L. Which are my second choices. Also, managed to work in O. Which I was sure had to be in this word. Coral turned the A green and added a green O.

I have to admit, I was a little vexed at this point. Which is good. That means I’m having fun.Wordle isn’t being obtuse with it’s word, but it isn’t picking something plain either. I was stuck on ending the word with M or N for a bit. 

Then, through the magic of tryping. I figured that F and Y made a lot of sense. There it was, Foray.

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