Wordle 291: The Answer Was Comma

Okay Wordle 290 and Wordle in general. You’ve done it! You’ve injected excitement and challenge into Wordle. It’s been tricky. Less common letters have appeared a lot and have thrown me off my game. 

Adieu. I just can’t quit you. The day I do, is that day that Adieu will be the Wordle and I will kick myself. Oh, and the A was yellow.

It was also yellow in Warts. Which was my new powerhouse S, T, and R word for this era and W and V. It gave me nothing. So I moved onto O, C and L. O came back green while C was yellow. 

Unwilling to let go of the double letter thread, I tried Coach. C went green, but nothing else of note.

I was completely certain there was a double letter still. There had to be. I tryped Coqaq and Coqqa. Comma just felt right. As right as any Wordle can feel on the fifth try. Lucky for me it was. While it wasn’t my best display, I had fun. Just the right amount of time and the right amount of challenge.

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