Wordle 290: The Answer Was Natal or Wordle’s Revenge

Okay, Wordle 290 you went and did. You got me back for all of my sassing I did in Wordle 289. Though some of it is my fault as well. Choosing my pattern was like making a reservation for disaster. 

I started with Adieu, as usual, and got a yellow A. I almost went with Woven. Maybe I kind of wish I had. However, I would have had other issues. 

Next, Rowan which was my compromise between Stare and Woven. I really should have just kept with one of my words with S, T, and R. Stare would not have been efficient, but Roast would have been good. At least I knew where the A went and knew an N lurked in there somewhere.

Feeling completely sure that V was in there somewhere and that there had to be double A’s. I went with Naval. I was pumped as I saw the first two letters go green. Totally bummed and stunned when V went gray.

So, I tried Nasal and got a big nope. Natal worked. If I’d gone with Roast.

Another Fiver!

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